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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mothers and Angels ~ Happy Mothers Day

I was showing my son a lot of pics of animals and their little ones. He is most fascinated with the royal animal, tiger that happens to be our country's national animal too.....

So here is his pick for the day :)

Source : Google Images

picture worth a million words eh?

The birth of mother in any living shows that no matter how wild a creature can get, no matter how hostile the world can be, no matter how tough life can get, love overcomes everything.....

Happy Mothers Day to one and all.........

Cheers & God bless...!!


There is no particular reason I am writing this post. And so, it is just a nameless post! Just that I was sharing some funny incidents with my mom, one incident that happened with me, was quite fresh in my memory. Well, as funny as it appears and sounds now, it was not for sure, at that time.

Lessons learned:
  • It is ok to agree with someone’s tastes, opinions and perspective of life, although they may not concur with yours at all.
  • By being too honest, you ought to get ostracized more often than not.
  • And what is the harm, if you can bring a smile on a face because you agree to something without letting your views and opinions get affected? After all, the world cannot be forced to agree with you.
Ok, before I bleed with too much of philo, here is what happened……

About six years back, when I was working with CTS, I shared accommodation with four colleagues, of whom two happened to be very good friends of mine. As there are so many things said about being good friends, like being frank, being honest and so on and so forth, I was totally and brutally frank and honest. And when you are good friends, you tend to get used to each other’s idiosyncrasies and weird tastes. I was no exception and nor were my friends. I usually do not watch much TV except in the worst case, when there is no net and no book and no company, which of course, fortunately happens rarely. (By which, I don’t mean to say, I have no addictions. I am severely addicted to social networking and blogging). So whenever we used to return back from home, we used to freshen ourselves up and my roomies used to get hooked to the Roadies and Splits villa shows on MTv (I am sure Raghu and Rajiv have suffered severe childhood trauma that have made them what they are today, twins suffering from severe inferiority complex). Never was I forced to watch their shows, but with intolerably high decibel levels of beep sounds that were enough to make me hear nothing but that and comprehend that someone on the show was getting berated for showing some a'tude, I decided, I might as well watch it once, after having ignored repetitively persuasive invitations to watch the show. Just one episode wont hurt my ego, after all. With friends, you do adjust on certain aspects and in my case, must say I have gem of friends who used to accompany me to Crossword/Landmark/Odyssey, places they feel is made for the boring and the un-happening. So, let’s say as a matter of quid pro quo, I settled down with them to watch the show for the first of a few times and no sooner than I sat down, there was an advertisement break featuring John Abraham. The ad was probably promoting him for the movie Dostana. My roomies were drooling with their jaws open, staring at his six pack body that looked like it was carved out of hot wax. And then, the sighs, moans and cooing started......and after a while, I felt it was not going to end at all.....

Roomie S sighed : “If only I were Bipasha”. (Priya Runchal did not exist that time, did she?))

Roomie J continued : ‘If he were in my arms this moment”

Roomie K chuckled, “Only if I were with him at this moment in a gorgeous beach”…..

The passion this nearing 40 actor had aroused in these women was so totally lascivious, that I shuddered what would become of him, had he by the unlikeliest chance, been amidst us. I dare not mention any. So, while the drooling continued, here I was losing my head. And at some point of time, I just snapped, “Goodness, for the love of God, just stop it! I don’t see anything drool worthy about him.” (Now, I could have stopped at that. But that tongue of mine was sure to turn my day from good to bad instantly. And I blurted, “as such he is doing a gay role in the movie. He looks one for sure!”.

With that said, I suddenly became the wart hog stuck smack in the middle, surrounded by heaving lionesses who were glaring at me with scowling eyes. I was never as scared of anything as of this menacing silence that I assumed would soon dissipate, but continued for a week. It felt miserable to have been put out of the circle of trust all of a sudden, not being given any dinner calls and good morning teas, all because of a goddamn actor who in real world, was just a nobody to us. Although today, we have outgrown our immaturities, that day I felt not just bad but angry too. I was too headstrong to 'apologize' for the 'hurt sentiments' and at the same time, was quite amused at the importance a nobody gains amongst friends. But all said and done, my inner voice told me, I could have better kept shut. After all, the matter was trivial. A week later, I apologized to which rounds of lectures were delivered. My roomies further explained, if I ever came close to knowing what handsome meant I would better start appreciating John and become his fan. Well, I did not become his fan and I still couldn't accept their definition of handsome. But nodding my head in resignation solved it! Broken fences were mended and we were friends for a lifetime again. I harbor no ill feelings because, these are the very friends who have stood by me through rough patches in my life. And I knew, that this fight was like the one we used to have in schools, where there used to be a temporary ‘kitta’ followed by a promisingly permanent ‘buccha’. Funny, a girl's world, isnt it?

But then, that incident set me off thinking, “Could I have avoided that?”, “Could I not have accepted that John is handsome?”, “Why couldn’t I just lie?”, or even better could have at least increased my tolerance level from negative to zero. Of course, I couldn’t lie. Schools teach us not to lie. We get kicked at home if we do. Definitely, lying is never a solution to a problem. It is nothing more than a temporary getaway. But what I could have done is, keep shut. It wouldn’t have cost me anything. And that is where most of us fail. We voice our views recklessly. So, should we care then? I guess, we should. Because, there will be times, when you will be hearing something that may be antagonizing and at that precise moment, may just lose your head. A good sense of humor put in right words in a soft tone can prevent flares from going up rather than voicing opinions carelessly.

My mom was ROFL after I narrated this incident and she was like, "Fine! I like Kareena Kapoor! You have a problem with that?"

And my reaction was :

P.S : By the way, I don't like Kareena a bit! And when mom disclosed to me that she really did like Kareena and wished I worked hard to get a figure as hers, I was stunned for a sec, but then accepted it with a hearty laugh, when she further said that Kareena did about 51 suryanamaskars everyday to look that lithe! Well, here I conk off after doing 9 and have no idea of crossing even 10. Jokes apart, I am content with 9. And coming to think of it, my roommates too love Kareena! Most of my friends do. And I really don't have a problem! And none should have a problem with me if I find Irfaan Khan, Manoj Bajpai and Nawazuddin siddiqui infinitely more handsome and happening than John Abraham, Akshay Kumar or Ajay Devgan. Rustic choice? Isn’t it? 



Friday, May 10, 2013

Have you ever seen the rain? ~ When May Simmers…..

It has been scorching ever since I came for my short break in my home town. Considering that Bharuch is a port it has that unlikely combination of dry and humid weather. If there was a term that could define both conditions existing at the same time and acting totally independent of each other, enlighten me. And coming to think of Summers, I share a love-hate relationship with it. And somewhere, my love for mangoes surpasses my hate for its sweltering heat. Despite its warm mornings, hostile noon and humid nights, I continue to enjoy its presence solely for those golden ripe mangoes that paint the town yellow with its lingering sweetness and freshness.

However, the heat has been increasing ever since and with days getting invariably longer, must say, Lord Varuna is remembered more often. Yes, rains are wished for, at this time. Wish they came soon and washed away all the heat and the dust. I do not like monsoons any better than I like summers. But still, each of them is sorely missed in the other’s presence. At least, there is a change for every season. A change at times can be so revitalizing. I cant wait to imagine myself sitting on our porch with a book (preferably Somerset Maugham) in one hand, a mug of hot frothy filter coffee in the other and with the rains making those beautiful splashing sounds, and with the constant chattering of the window panes due to the cold winds. Aah! Nothing beats the joy in spending time alone in a way where you don’t feel a bit lonely and at the same time, feel the happiest and the most content living in the world.

Song pick for this post.....