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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Adios to enmbark on a new journey

I have completed nearly 3 years in IT industry. The journey until now has rewarded me with both good and otherwise experiences of which both have been a kind of a learning one. This life has always tempted the other side of fence. To be more precise, IT has become a kind of a hyped word used every now and then and is treated with a variety of emotions such as awe, amusement, disgust and so on. At times, I wonder if there might be more IT people on earth selling their software than the vegetable and fruit vendors selling their stuff respectively. (a pun intended…..;))

Ever since I came here, I have known that IT field is one field which will stay ever green in terms of knowledge gathering and transitioning. It has to rather. Every year, new softwares, new releases, new change requests, new requirements which eventually lead to the old developments becoming obsolete. But still the experience that comes with it is something that I still enjoy and marvel at. Much has been said and written about the IT life. People have a perception that working in an IT MNC means, the person is bound to be an ideal groom/bride in the coming years with a lot to offer to the life ahead. As the saying goes – ‘Farther the greener’. So is the case here. This industry is undoubtedly a rat racing one where the competition is a cut throat and everyone invariably has to think about oneself first. As every organization has pros and cons, so does IT. IT is far too tempting that every house in the metro has both spouses slogging for hours in the office. There have been instances where the spouses live in different time zones just to accommodate the expenses of future. Yet, it has so much to give. I started my career as a Java Developer and now am a Performance Analyst. The learning part was a gratifying experience but somehow the work over a period of time made me realize that I need to explore new arenas. I never intended to join the s/w industry in the first place. Obviously did come here by choice but because I had no other choice.

As I am trying to pour out my ramblings here, I was wondering, how many of us get the opportunity to become what we want to. On a majority, I feel, many of us are forced to become what the life offers us at that point of time. So be it…. Sigh!!!!! But then, I feel it is high time for me. Time to dabble in new waters…. Time to start afresh something that would give me the contentment mind aches for. I have not thought much what I will do but I will definitely do something worthwhile! And I hope I decided the best for myself!! So wish me luck, guys!!!!! 