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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Signing in after a long long time.....

Finally I got some time to write..... if not sense, but something to keep my indolent fingers alive and kicking which otherwise would have been royally plucking out the finger nails till there was none to chew..... Someone has rightly pointed out – Idle mind is the devil’s workshop..... in my case, it has become the devil’s podium/playground where the mind keeps contemplating all the unthinkable and the most diabolic things and the body reacts by expanding rather than shrinking..... Nevertheless, things always work out eventually.

BTW let me tell u folks that I have spent a great deal of time in improvising my cooking skills and experimenting on my FIL. My hubby is either fortunately or unfortunately missing my recipes as he is toiling hard at some post along LOC. Nevertheless, by the time, he comes, i would have become one fine cook. This month has been gratifying in improving my culinary skills. Also we had a festival called Nombu (something similar to Teej of North India). Being my first Nombu, I fasted the whole day (very unlikely of me) and then learnt to make the Nombu Adai from Mom. That day, the ladies change the thread of the mangalsutra with a new one smeared with turmeric and pray for our husbands’ long life and prosperity. I too did the same. By the time, the ritual was over, it was 9 PM and my stomach was suffering hunger pangs, to be more precise pangs felt due to the desire for the Nombu adai (which is a dish made of dal, some rice, banana, gud and ghee). It is not a fried dish but a pressure-cooked/baked dish which is further relished with fresh white home made butter..... So now u people might have realized the intensity of my hunger tantrums! :D
Rest of the week was quite peaceful and good! My net connection has come and so has my interest in writing something fuelled up.... 

Thats all for now, folks! Will keep posting 

Cheers & God bless!! 