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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Celebrating womanhood as a mother…!! ~ Joys of Motherhood

Being a full time home maker can be an achingly beautiful experience that comes with its challenges especially the unseen ones! It can bring all the toughness, the strength, the love, the ability to adapt and the nerve to multitask confidently! Well, as one friend puts it, a woman has many facets and one of it, the strong one emerges when she becomes a mother. No matter what weather it is, no matter how harsh it is, no matter how sick she feels, no matter how terrible her hunger pangs can be, no matter how sleep deprived she is, no matter how much she has to cut down on those weekly/monthly spas to relax, no matter how less frequently she gets to shop or move out for an outing, the joy, the sheer joy a mother gets when she sees her baby doing something different everyday, right from sitting upright or sleeping like a sprinter, wanting to eat whatever his daddy eats, trying to explore every crevice of the home scouring for insects and papers or smiling delightfully for the utter presence of people and those more of the endless WAH WAH moments beats out all the inconveniences that now appear miniscule or even for that matter, totally uncalled for.

Motherhood is an overwhelming experience. An experience that will continue until the soul departs to another world. An experience that will mark the very phase of womanhood with stars. An experience that will relentlessly teach and grow all the more beautiful with time. But more so what motherhood would teach time and again is that no task in life is going to get any tougher than your imagination gone wild. When someone said, ‘It is all in the mind’, it makes absolute sense. And the realization that comes along is that, the will to adapt to a new phase, the will to change with times, the will to remain calm and happy no matter how many curve balls life intends to throw in the least opportune times must come from within. When I look at other mothers, young ones, old ones alike, I am always left in awe and admiration of them, not forgetting to mention my own mother, looking at whom I always felt I could never be as perfect as her, as determined as her and as passionate as her. But Motherhood changes all that never to ever. It just makes you evaluate yourself, the real self, the selfless self, the humble self with those most ordinary eyes that have only reveled in the materialistic pleasures in the past. Although there are some trying moments, all the sacrifices, all the pain and all the compromises are worth every bit to earn that genuine affection that floods from those innocent eyes, to earn those adorable love filled scratches from those tiny fingernails, those painless kicks from those tiny legs and those bear hugs and wet kisses that just make this beautiful life worth living. Such is the journey of motherhood. A beautiful beginning that has no end. It is a journey where the love shall only multiply, where respect shall be earned and shall stay forever and where the self realizes the true worth of living.

P.S: Well, I wrote this as a means of celebrating Woman's day in my own way and I dedicate this post to all mothers. The world starts with them and ends with them. There can be no greater role in life and I thank the Almighty every day, every minute, every second for gifting me motherhood. Just that, it makes us women more beautiful....Isn't it? ;)

Happy Women's Day!
I may be late in wishing all the Venusians but I guess we really don't need a specific day to celebrate, do we? We celebrate it almost everyday and the reward we get are those smiles in those million faces knowing that the reason behind those smiles is us :)

Cheers & God bless...!!