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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Deja vu: Terrorism

Everything appeared normal that day for Leopold Cafe, The Taj, the Nariman house….. before the doom that was just waiting to fall. Little did anyone anticipate that the terror strike on the heart of India was going to catch India in the most vulnerable position, at the most susceptible time.  What would have been the last thoughts of the innocent common men such as our Late Sabina( the media person who worked with TOI), the Taj teenage chef (who was shot ruthlessly at point blank range by the mentally sick youths for not obliging with their command to put the table to fire), the Rabbi couple who were so ruthlessly killed(Thank God, the 2 year old child of theirs was spared) that the details of their death were not let out by the media? And the list just goes on…..At this time, our country in the process of facing the attacks, lost the most precious wealth like our Hemant Karkare(ATS Squad chief),Mr. Ashok Kamte and also the encounter specialist of Mumbai and the 2 NSG commandos that included Major Unnikrishnan (whose father heard his son’s voice for the last time ever, the previous night prior to the attacks). Hats off to these people!!!!! No words can describe the paramount courage they had exhibited. KUDOS to all the brave sons of this soil who put their hearts and soul to ensure the common man’s security!!!!!

I have stopped watching the news on all the news channels as it disturbs me all the more that I , as an individual am not able to do anything except haplessly watching the dastardly acts that have become so common in India now. I am still an avid newspaper reader and am able to keep myself updated with all the fresh news for the day. As I was reading the tit bits given by the famous people of this country, there was one sharp statement flung by Shweta Salve (the beautiful and the famous talented Tele actress and also was the runner up in the famous dance show – Jhalak Dikhla Ja) at the Thackerays that caught my attention - “Please folks! Get me Raj Thackeray’s number. Where is he when his Aamchi Mumbai has been torn apart by the terrorist attacks? Where is his MNS? Please come and save the heart of India”. The NSG commandos who saved the precious lives (some of who lost their life in the battle) hailed from different parts of the country. Is that why the MNS chief has gone into hibernation????? Where the hell has his ‘sena’ disappeared? Why din such people, who bragged about being true Indians, come forward and help their brothers Hemant and Ashok? What was the deputy chief minister R.R Patil doing when he had already got tentative information about the suspicious movements in the costal areas of Maharashtra?

Now we don’t have to hunt for terrorists…..Do we? When we have so many wolves in sheep's clothing(Sorry this is also an understatement) inside the country in the form of our duly ‘elected politicians’, who can go to any extent of corruption and stoop too low to play blame games and make sure of their vote banks (as if it were a money bank), we don’t need to stick our head outside and blame other nations for the ignominy being faced by India today. This attack has been a significant example of severe intelligence failure. Now after sacking ShivRaj Patil, what the hell does the ruling government think, it is doing? They are now talking about individual responsibilities due to which Shiv Raj Patil was caught in the storm of incompetency and intelligence failure. The whole government is as much responsible as he is, for the biggest fiasco of this country. Now India has made its presence felt in the list of the most dangerous places to visit. My blood boils as I see all this. As Shobha De rightly put it - “The security is needed by the common man and not by these political morons!”

India has been a very strong country though it appears docile. The people, who died in the blasts starting from Jaipur and Bangalore, and then Delhi, and now Mumbai, belonged to all the communities of India. So it is very important for all Indians to understand that terrorism in any form never had a religion and will never have. After all there are a few questions that desperately need to be answered:

What does it take to breed terrorism folks? A few orators who are as good as Adolf Hilter in speaking and as demented as Osama Bin laden with extremely frenzied mentality, who brainwash the innocent teenage boys, kill their thought process and conscience and convert them into coldblooded killer machines?

What is the age of the terrorist who is now being grilled by the Indian Police and intelligence? Must be 20-25 years old? What force of iniquity would have driven that youth to have become a killer machine responsible for the ruthless killings of the innocents?

Has anyone thought all this? Every problem has a solution indeed.

The problem: A few demented souls cannot create such havoc in the second heavily populated nation of the world, without having pried into the loopholes of our country’s political structure and security.

The solution: Since long, India has been in such a position that voters have been left no choice other than choosing from bad,worse and worst which is actually not any more acceptable. The whole of the political wardrobe needs to be revamped with fresh faces, fresh thoughts, fresh ambitions and fresh strategies to combat terrorism in all form. Now the people sticking to the chair, who claim to be the well wishers for this country have become no more than money sucking parasites and when so blatantly terrorists have attacked our nation so many times in the last six months, i feel these very people ruling our country have degraded to sticking scum on earth. They need to be removed from the chair of power and way should be paved for the youth.

Now comes the responsibility of every Indian citizen to stand by the spirit of the nation and be more alert and proactive than before. It is easy to fall prey to the viles of the life, but it is difficult to resurrect the damage once done by those very viles. The only solution to this problem is the resilient spirit of the common man.At this time, Mumbai needs the good wishes of all the good Samaritans from all over this world.

By the way, it gave me great pleasure to have read in the papers today that Leopold café has been reopened as a befitting reply to the terrorists that they cannot break the spirit, come what may! God bless this nation as this nation badly needs to revamp its political structure. It is high time that we become alert and responsible citizens as well.

Jai Hind!!!!!