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Monday, December 6, 2010

Mind.....will it ever listen?

Mind is such a snob, and the heart, such a manipulative freak, at times! Poor soul is wondering, whatever happened for the heart to race, for the body to feel fatigue and for mind to experience a nothingness, or should I say, over consumed by vacuum? Change! The problem and the solution in one word! The word is so conniving, yet so realistic. It hurts and it teaches! It further hurts and tries to call the teaching an experience, which never is the same! But the bottom line is, it hurts and it hurts pretty bad!

And what does the heart do? Ache for what is not there beside? And the mind, contemplating on what could happen and what could not? Poor soul stays confused as ever, with no inkling of whatever is bothering it so much! Someone had rightly stated, "Change is the only permanent thing in life". Sounds too philosophical, factually acceptable but emotionally gross! Why ain't life easy? Why ain't it smooth? And then the word CHANGE again intrudes to explain an argumentative mind about the nuances of life! And the mind, a rebel by nature cribs - A hundred times, heard over and over again, "Past is bygone, future is to be witnessed and present moment is so so inevitable". The heart just agrees! But the soul suddenly feels enlightened! It welcomes the change in life, takes the reigns over the mind and the heart, pacifies them and brings in peace.....

Narayani Karthik Published: 10/25/2010 on www.buzzle.com