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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Random ramblings for the year.....

2009 has been one cocktail of various pandora boxes. If has not been friendly to the most part of the world, has been the most favorable year for the media all over.
The terrorist attacks, the election mania/stunts, the onset of the swine flu that took its sweet good time to start from Mexico and come to India (Probably got bored with the Mexicans. As one of my colleague lightly puts it – ‘The curse from the pig community’.) and lot more masala news like SRK’s detention at US due to ethnic reasons or Akshay Kumar’s indecent gesture at some fashion show have kept the people busy with papers and the idiot box..
Of all these incidents, the swine flu was something that scared the @#$% out of people. What was intriguing about the swine flu was that even after the terrorist attack, people were moving freely, but after the onset of this influenza, panic was in the air. Pune - where the flu started off as the masquerading killer, had come to a near stand still with malls, theatres, schools and colleges closing down everywhere. The city looked like the Racoon city from the movie: Resident Evil. Only if there were some bravados parading into the hazardous environment, it had to be the IT community who were without fail, reaching office on time to complete the deliverables for the day….. Sigh!!!!!
On the Indian entertainment venue, there were some more ‘interesting’ happenings….. Rakhi Sawant – the drama queen finally thought that it was high time that she got married. The swayamwar of hers kept the majority lot of the India glued to the television to see if she finally succumbed to the nuptial knot. I too wished that she get married to the Toronto guy and pack off to Canada to spare India of any future horrors of her life! But seems, Indian entertainment & media has 9 lives yet. As such how was it going to survive w/o Rakhi? She proceeded to get engaged and then broke off a couple of months later. No wonder Rakhiji, U switch Gods and religion as a matter of changing clothes! Now it seems, Rahul Mahajan is genuinely interested in getting married. Let us see what destiny has in store for this jester… Sigh! Big Boss Season 3 has also commenced adding masala to the existing quality of the reality shows. This season has come in with its own set of clowns. Whatever, people have atleast given up on the saas bahu crap.
Apart from the non political entertainment, the political one was no less in competing in buffoonery. The Mutalik episode and the MNS had already commenced the political circus which is still ongoing. A few days ago, some minister (not interested in taking names) refused to take the oath in the regional language got slapped by some linguistic fanatic. As known, the Indian media just loves to add fuel to the fire and then cry out at how there can be smoke without fire. The sad part is public property bears the brunt of the illogical actions of our political clout. Period.
Nothing more, nothing less, this year has seen all forms of the miseries that include the recent recession, lay offs and some more.....
I think I have blurted enough for now, I suppose! If anyone is free to add rants/points to this blog, go ahead! Just another chapter of some random ramblings…..