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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sweet moments...!! ~ Joys of Motherhood

8th Sept ‘2011, 5:30 AM

‘Value of certain things in life is realized either when they are not there OR when they arrive unexpectedly and supposedly at the right time. Until then the very purpose, the very destination of life is unknown’ ~ Divine Realization

It has not dawned yet. The scene outside is transitioning between the wee hours of early morning and a dawn that is yet to break! Well, this is a time that I usually get up only to see my son wake up and give that precious grin! There are some things in life for which I can definitely sacrifice my sleep, food and blog addiction. And each of those things now revolves around this one lil cherubic love of my life – my son!

Exactly two months and sixteen days have passed. And this period has continuously opened new chapters in the journey called life that had so much to teach and still has much more! Those wakey nights have reduced, those tantrums have increased, those daily naps have almost disappeared, the playtime has increased and the most rewarding of the lot is the feeling of acknowledgement I get when I look into my son’s eyes. His cooing fills our home with a music sweeter than anything ever heard. His kick boxing activities have progressed by leaps and bounds. He has started rolling his head in a way that looks like some footballer getting ready to score a goal with his head! He has started focusing on objects around and immediately responds to the morning greeting of his grand father, whose metallic voice rings through the ambiance of our home in the form of ‘Hari Ohm, Hari Ohm’. In fact, he observes my father wishing him and instantly tries to mouthe the same! It is amazing how babies respond to sounds. Also, the morning suprabatham, Vishnu sahasranamam, Gayatri mantra and Lingashtakam that my mom plays every morning, has become so familiar to him and he responds with a smile of acknowledgement instantly. Coming to the best part, he now listens to the bed time stories and some funny lingual rhymes my parents and I narrate/recite to him at night.

Since a week now, my son has commenced with the process of turning over. On the first day, he started off by tilting his head gradually in upward direction. His tiny body stretched along. Following day, a milestone was achieved, when he almost turned over halfway and again fell on his back. This continued all day long. Then on the third day, he finally discovered the trick of turning over, by first turning onto one side and then putting his other free leg onto the side of turning and then attempting to complete the activity. On fourth day, his continuous attempts bore him fruit and us, the ultimate joy to watch him turn over, with one hand still under the tummy. Well, at that time, I noticed a gleam in his eyes, that shouted, ‘ab dilli door nahin!’. On the fifth day, he could finally wriggle his hands off and place them on the floor and tried hard to lift his head, which he is still trying hard at! Babies, I tell you, teach a lot about life. Or it is God himself conversing with us, teaching us or rather helping us revise, what determination is all about! And now, early to bed and early to rise does not seem hard. All for the sweetest and the most precious smile that I get from my son everyday, which he gives after completing his 5 minute yawning and stretching session. Such sweet moments will live forever, locked away in the deepest chasms of mind, forever and ever.....

As self feels the joys of motherhood, the above divine realization dawns. Children define your purpose in life, or rather redefine life in a special way. They make you feel young, make you feel the innocence, make you see the wonders of God and make you comprehend responsibility, tolerance and patience in a better way. In fact, every other thing in life or rather indulgence take a back seat once a child enters the blissful circle of a couple. And then the child becomes the pivot, parents become the rims of the wheel that keeps rotating about the pivot, connected by the spokes that are made of unfathomable love, undefined happiness and untold faith.

Life has changed so much! From the girl who loved trekking, partying, shopping, playing video games and working crazy late in office until midnight TO a woman who changed her profession post marriage from a lucrative job to one she was passionate about and then TO a mother who is a full time home maker in the present, the transition has been rewarding! Aso, life changes, and it will continue to, for the better,I believe :)

Lines for the moment:

When did nights become days? Why do days still remain days? When was the last time self enjoyed sleeping?..... but then the self doesn't crave for sleep now as it did months before! Why? Coz, self now loves to watch that cherubic lil face cooing, yawning, stretching, sleeping, smiling, frowning, winking, raising brows and giggling, all at the same time ..... If self is craving for something sweet, then this is it! ~ Joys of Motherhood, sweet moments, innocence personified