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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happiness, philosophy, Needs and desires –

They say - "Happiness is a state of mind". I wonder how far this is true. It is whether we choose to be happy even if we are not. There are a dozen mails and forwards that teach/preach big about happiness and stuff like that. But I don't find any of them realistic. At times am amused at the games time plays with people! What is right at one time seems wrong at some other time. Is it because we fail to choose between what we actually need and what we actually desire for? Is that why mind does not feel happy when it wants to? The indecisive mind doesn't allow the line of demarcation to be drawn whatsoever. Sometimes, there is a sudden urge to do a lot of things and finally end up doing nothing because there are a dozen reasons/excuses/tantrums as to why it cannot/could not be done!
‘Does everything need to be a bed of roses to progress/enjoy in life? After all Life is a road of thorns with roses on either side' Isn't it what is said about life?

They say - The roses are to remind that there is a way to find the path to happiness but the path ain't that easy always. The only thing that matters is whether taking the path to reach happiness is worth it or not!

What we need is always what we treat as our necessity. What we desire is the comfort that comes as an additional package after the need is satisfied. Is that why it is said - One must learn to live under all circumstances? Putting it bluntly, One must never forget from where one has started from?
Well, I guess it is - Yes..... :)


Random outburst of emotions.....

Well…..as I start to type, there are a million thoughts crossing my mind and somehow at times, it becomes quite difficult to assimilate all of them in the right proportion. At times I have a great urge to purge my thoughts and then Blogspot is what gives me the way to do so. Have been an avid blog reader since a year and have been motivated to a great extent by the load of the talented lot that blogs so ardently. Well this time, I wanted to write a piece of my mind on what I feel about certain things in a strong way.  

Please note – This are strictly my personal opinions and viewpoints and hence no hard feelings please!  

Animals, pets, love objects, toys. – What are they, for God’s Sake?  

I have come across a lot of people who love animals. Definitely, people have varied ways of displaying affection towards these creatures. I too love animals, yet my heart doesn’t permit me to think of taming an animal as a pet. And I have my own reasons for this, which I would justify shortly. First I would like to state some palpable reasons as to why people love having pets – 

1.Some people really care for animals and love them. I have come across people, who genuinely befriend animals to care for them and treat them as human beings (personally, I feel they are more genuine than humans). Some are even able to relate to them in the most normal way, one of the major reasons being, they are silent friends and hence, silent listeners and spectators. 

2.Some people love to keep pets to feel the presence of a child at home. These creatures behave like children. They demand attention all the time. They crib for food, sulk when ignored, shower you with kisses (licks to be more precise in case of dogs and cats) when they are happy-yappy, and growl when in a bad mood! They need to be tended in every way, apart from their regular walks and regular naps. They in turn, turn out to be more vulnerable than human children. 

3.Some people want to keep pets for the sake of some entertainment value/ show-off or whatever one could term it. They love discussing the breeds, the characteristics and abilities of the creatures. They love to decorate them like as if they were some show stoppers in a fashion show! 

 Now, the reason I am uncomfortable with petting an animal is plainly because every animal has as much the same right to lead their own independent lives as much as we do. These creatures have a short life and in that period, they capture hearts endlessly and emotionally attach with the humans and the major difference between them and the humans is, these animals are never able to come out of their innocence and that’s what makes them the most vulnerable beings as pets! For example - Helping out stray animals with medication when they are hurt, feeding them when they are hungry or tending them when they need some care is what I respect the most. How many people with pets stop by to admit accident hit animals in the hospital? A handful? There have been many cases where pets with certain defects are abandoned in hospitals in the namesake of some illness and are never cared to get picked up again. If someone really wants to love these wonderful animals, one can love them as they were, are and will be. There is no need to 'pet' them to love them. (My two cents!)

Reality shows, Serials, Entertainment – Far from what is real  ;-)
Whenever I come home after gruelling office hours, these reality shows dominate most of the time during dinners specially the MTV Roadies show (a new crazy reality show that is taking away all the attention (wanted/unwanted). Is there any need to advertise a show by using repulsive body language and abusive tongue! Fear Factor of AXN was tougher and much more decent than this offensive piece of cheap entertainment provided by Raghu-Raajiv pair. The Indian Entertainment channels usually put up with such kind of distasteful drama to attract the attention of the public. If one sees the dance shows, they are no more worth watching as the dancing standards have gone to the grave and there is more of screaming/scratching/bitching going on openly among the participants than the dance that has to be judged ideally on the floor. Take the example of music shows. The so called judges can only sit and yap at the participants for their ‘bad’ singing and at times fight among themselves as a consequence of baseless ego clashes! I cannot understand why on earth does Indian Entertainment industry doesn't want to shed that old 'masala' image and revamp itself with some sensible ideas and look forward to dabble in some new waters rather than stagnating in the same stinky pond of disgusting ideas like saas-bahu crap, reality shows like Big Boss etc. High time people come out of this muck!

To be continued…..


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

SDM..... ~ Movie review

The last weekend was fulfilling. Watched Slum Dog Millionaire at a friend’s place. I was wondering why this movie became a hit. What had Danny Boyle directed, that attracted so much applause? The answer was apparent after I watched the much awaited SDM. Here goes my review.....

The movie revolves around three people - Jamal Malik (our slum hero), his elder brother – Salim Mailk (the would be gangster) and Lathika (Jamal’s love interest). All of these forced by unspeakable incidents, get entangled in a complex maze designed by destiny. As the movie opens, we find a grown up Jamal (played by Dev Patel) is manhandled by the police (played by Irfan Khan) regarding his participation in the ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ contest. The story unfolds gradually as we find that this ‘not an educated’ Jamal has actually answered all questions correctly in a 'kaun banega crorepati' show that arouses doubt of fraud embroilment in the manipulative host of the show (played by Anil Kapoor). So, as the police kick start their interrogation, the whole plot unravels! As scenes swap between Jamal’s present and his past, every question that he answered in the show has been in someway connected to the puzzling events that have profiled his life for so long. On a solemn note, Danny has made a stupendous attempt at portraying certain harsh realities of slum life and also the prevailing good will and undying hope that the future will be good no matter what!

The BGM for this movie by AR Rehman has clearly sealed the fact that he is now one untouchable hare in the world of music and is now going out of reach for his competitors. Kudos to Danny Boyle for having directed such a wonderful movie for which every penny is worth it!