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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sneering best friends ~ From a nomad's diary

I remember having laughed hard when I saw Bruce being gobsmacked and cornered at every given instance, that he thought was designed by God. I laughed hard. I mean, Jim Carey is an amazing actor. And, Morgan Freeman seemed to be a cool God! Yeah, I think so. God must be cool like Morgan Freeman, is he? Well, he is super cool because Murphy happens to be his best friend. And currently, the latter has clearly found a target and is vindictively pursuing it. And worse, both happen to be sneering at the target!

Apparently, there are many things going on (not the way, they should) and the variables are just piling up. Even if there was a way to go one at a time, there is already ten more standing at the door to let know that, the problems have arrived! Somewhere, the optimist in me is shaken by the sudden (or presumably anticipated) turn of events. I mean God, seriously, it is not a great feeling to be home hopping once every month. Over and above, the plethora of weird suggestions from people whose turfs have been supposedly greener, just rubs the salt on the wounds. And, advice always comes when you least need it. Believe me! But then, maybe, the problems are just appearing big. Maybe. However, the most unsettling feeling arises when time fails you in every way possible. The moment you think you are getting to know somebody, that somebody becomes a nobody. The moment you believe that you actually like a place (after a lot of pumped in optimism), the place fails you miserably. The moment you see a ray of hope flickering in all this bedlam, there is a strong gush of wind trying to douse it. And, the villain in all chaos is the uncertainty that lurks around.

“God, if there has to be some good in all this, just help me seek that!”

And, while writing this post, I just devoured a plate of fried cheese corn nuggets. Hubby will be very  angry if he finds out and that would be for two reasons: A, I had them all without sharing with him (Not exactly, he was sleeping then!) and B, We had got it for guests who may arrive in a couple of days (not sure though). As for my son, he hates cheese corn nuggets. He prefers chicken or something like that, which we consciously do not buy. I have absolutely no regrets. I love cheese and corn, It is a great combo. And most importantly, they boost your mood. Atleast I am feeling better. By the way, did I tell you that it rained today as well? Talking about some good things now, the only one good thing that has happened in the last week was our visit to Best Price (a Walmart franchise). I loved the store. It is well equipped and huge. Basically, it is a warehouse! I got a dinner set and some fancy bowls and trays. It was clearly happy shopping until the moment I discovered at the cash counter that someone had flipped things from my basket.  Lessons learnt : Don’t leave your basket unattended. And don’t go minutes before closing time. This is what happens.

I hope to write something good about this place. But then, this place has to be nice to me, FIRST! Until then, I am saying this to myself every now and then - 



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