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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Musings, ramblings whatever!! ~ From a nomad's diary

It has been two weeks already in the new place. The post vacation lag has not left yet. The old routine has started again and time seems to pace very slow. Maybe, I am missing the old days where I had someone to go talk to for tea or perhaps, see my son happy with his peers living nearby. For the present, I am physically exhausted, low and drained off mentally. The new place is yet to convince me about its niceness. Well, we have not got our permanent accommodation yet and so, we have settled down in a temporary one, a decently big one BHK with a beautiful lawn.

Talking about my son, he is taking his sweet time to accept the change as there is none near by to play with or socialize with. (My son is a social butterfly in the literal sense). Hubby is busier than busy and we rarely get to see him (the earlier place was more relaxing in terms of getting to spend quality time with him). Unit life is sure one hell of a change to look out for!! But then, I do not want to dwell in this ennui for long as acceptance is any day a better alternative to resistance. That said, the new place is picturesque and amazingly green. We have not set up our TV and the need is long gone as there is a moving National Geographic outside. Woodpeckers, kingfishers, cuckoos, parrots and  dozen varieties of sparrows and partridges flock in the garden and near by. I love feeding these birds with bread, chapattis and some fruits. The first two days, they did not touch the food in my presence (probably making sure that I was not a threat) and now, they sometimes perch next to me on lawn and seem unperturbed by my movements. It may not be a reciprocation to be precise, but perhaps an indifference borne out of an understanding that we both live and let live. Then, there are langoors and monkeys. It would be more correct if I said they are an army with all generations and all sizes living together. And, it is here I learnt that the two kinds of the same species do not see eye to eye and that, monkeys are the naughtier lot. One can also spot huge pigs that look like wart hogs. Not forgetting to mention, there are scorpions waiting to sneak out at least expected times. Meanwhile, did I tell you that we were warmly welcomed  at our temporary accommodation by a baby scorpion that held its tail quite high?? (for a second, I thought it was going to fly using that tail). I slowly responded by putting a shoe over it and then making sure that it left my home in peace. The fact, that I had never ever seen a scorpion and that, I saw this extremely poisonous brown one within a few steps, freaked me out for a while. That night, I do not remember having slept very peacefully with the images of the dead reptile blurring my dreams!

My son has already joined school here and he totally loves it, considering that, that is his only outing for the time being (It is freaking cold in this place. The sunlight comes in for a couple of hours only). And then imagine the plight of a hyper active toddler who doesn't get to go out (courtesy, the cold) and doesn't have a TV on which Nat Geo could be watched, or for that matter NO Internet from which rhymes could be downloaded. But then, we do have a lot to watch out for as I drive my son to school and back home. Sambahars, Barasinghas and a lot of peacocks can be seen tippy toeing on the roads. The fog factor is the only deterrent as it becomes difficult to watch out for these forest guys to cross the roads as and when they feel like. (Yes, we are the invaders in their world!!)

And, it had been tough for a week until we got the much desired Internet connection. Felt like suddenly, there is a light at the end of a long boring and endless tunnel. Things have slowly started to ease and so, this post!! However, my woes do not end as Murphy and I go a long way. I had purchased a new mobile from Flipkart earlier this month. A MOTO E. I have never been a fan of a technology inspired phone though, the idea of owning one was too hard to resist. Mail, Facebook, Twitter, whats app, Google and name it! All from a phone in your hand! And, I was glad to own it as the audio was too good and I could play the morning prayers in it. However, nothing gets easy for me in the first go. The battery melted and the phone has conked off. I had to ship it back to my hometown for a replacement as the time window of the purchase is less than a month.

I have often been blamed for not being in touch through whats app and all. But then, I fail to understand why people find that to be the only means of staying in touch. Can't one call once in a while?? And so, my fizz for the gizmo has left me for good and I am happy using my old Samsung (non smart) phone that does not decide for me on its own, which photos have to be photo shopped and which need to be backed up. In hindsight, I feel I need not have purchased one at all. (a thought in the fit of the moment) All said and done, I am going to take this easy and let this time pass till I shake those dormant brain cells of mine and make things happen in an interesting way.

And now, I have to grab my cuppa filter coffee……care to join?? ;)



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