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Saturday, January 10, 2015

PK ~ Movie Review

There were three movies that I watched in a row in this break at my hometown. Starting with PK, the movie ran for almost two weeks here, and was screened almost everyday for the morning, matinee, evening and late night shows. Aamir Khan did manage to keep a tab on all the theaters owing to his acting prowess and being the creatively eccentric one from the Khan club. And, I like him because he plays his cards cleverly as always (if you had noticed by any chance that none of the PK Promos gave away the slightest cue about the plot of the movie until the release date).

The movie is a satirical comedy drama film that gives strong underlying pointers at a hypocritical society with a mob mentality. Certain humorous instances on religion and sentiments were quite a punch, where boon for one becomes bane for the other. The movie is more on the lines of Paresh Rawal’s OMG which was more realistic and less controversial. That said, PK is mediocre, because the idea is not entirely indigenous. Yet, when it comes to acting, Aamir Khan stole the show as always by depicting an unsuspecting naive alien character with finesse, who learns the worldly ways of the earth and transforms into a perceptive earthling, unveiling the follies of many in the process.

I would perhaps watch it again just for a few comical bits in the movie. Other than that, it is just a one time watch.

Sushant Sing Rajput’s role is minuscule but that dude can act for sure!

Anushka Sharma, that look suits you well….But whatever have you done to your lips? You had a much prettier face in RNBJ!!

Aamir Khan, waiting for more meaningful movies from you J

Rating: 2.8/5



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