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Thursday, September 25, 2014

"I dream of Jeannie!!', so dreams the home maker ~ From a nomad's diary

And, I dream of Jeannie every single day. Back in school, I wished for this Jeannie (from the famous sitcom - I dream of Jeannie) to get me ready for school in a jiffy instead of me being dragged away groggy eyed, from the cozy warm bed (some times, rudely awakened by a splash of cold water on the face, exactly half an hour before the arrival of my school bus). Later, when I was in hostel, I wished for this beauty to be by my side, to get over with digital circuit and microprocessor practical. (Somehow, those subjects always failed me, not that I failed in them, but never could cross from a Bravo to an Alpha!!). And then during my working years (yes I am a humble home maker for the time being), I wished that she take care of my laundry, shopping and house-keeping, while I used to stare at the various software platforms to work on, not knowing what I could do to make them understand that they needed to be ‘user-friendly’ ;). Post marriage and pregnancy, I dreamt of this beautiful Jeannie every single moment. Somehow, hubby manages to convince me at the end of each day that I am as good as Jeannie and I don’t need her at all. (He sometimes feels he is Maj Anthony Nelson, the astronaut from this famous sitcom!)

However, each day starts with the same old wish. With a crazy morning start and with hubby and son getting ready for their respective office and school and with me running around the home like a headless chicken searching for the items that get conveniently displaced by the other two, I dream of a Jeannie who would be kind enough to get the home in shape every day. With my son unable to control his effervescent energy levels and with a hubby who loves to see an impeccable home even as he is my son’s partner in crime by helping him in his cluttering, jumping and screaming activities, I really wish I had a Jeannie that took care of stuff I regularly have to do with little respite and least to say, no interest! Meanwhile, did I tell you I was engaged in a vivid monologue since morning about the list of to-do-tasks that were haunting and daunting at the same time?  

My dramatic soliloquy!! 
  • “All sofa covers to be in place. Cushions to be undisturbed after being set. Lamp shade to be dusted and cleaned. 
  • All newspapers to be stacked inside the small cupboard in the hall. Center Table cloth to be adjusted to perfection. Paper weight/Ash tray to be placed on it and not to moved. (somehow, my son always skips the 'not' part.) 
  • Dining table and place mats to be cleaned after every meal. (de-clutter the contents of the dining table immediately after use) 
  • Fold the washed clothes and neatly set them in the cupboard. The unwashed ones are to be dumped in the laundry bag. The laundry bag should be placed in a visible area (very important)
  • Cleaning the kitchen. Vegetables to be chopped for the day and the day after. Glasses to be placed in the glass holder. Regular cups to be hung from the hook case and the unused ones to be placed in the shelf. To know, which jar contains what! Keeping a stock of ration. And, making sure there are enough snacks, sugar for tea, Nescafe for coffee, milk, some syrups etc.. that come to an immediate rescue when friends/guests drop in unexpectedly at tea time.
  • Cleaning the bathrooms every single day and making them smell like a scented spa. 
  • Bed covers and comforters to be kept clean and neat. Curtains to be dry washed thrice a year. Dusting the window shields and other chic glass and bronze items.
  • Least but not the last (I really mean it that way!!), I also want a magic wand so that I can swish it and say –  Alohomora to make the two and a half men in my family (hubby, FIL and son) do their small little things that snowball into a big clutter.”
(My soliloquies are a regular entertainment for the men in my family, sigh!) And, so my mind and body teamed up today (unlikely as it may sound) and I took my home to task with the words – “I am the master. You will listen to me, no matter what!” And, I loved the surprised look of admiration in the faces of my family as they obliged submissively to my methods of housekeeping.

My work as a home maker is never ending. And it is here, I am reminded of a sound advice my father never fails to repeat to me every now and then, “We all do the 90% of our jobs (professional and domestic) with a lot of passion and verve and leave the 10%, out of procrastination. And that 10% appends to another 10% and so on, to become a 90% leaving you with a 10% work achieved and 90% work to be done!” I figure the essence of his advice now even as this advice rang persistently around my ears during my teens, when I was the perfect example of laziness and procrastination. And now, after being awfully busy with my teachers’ training assignments, social engagements and a severely upset tummy of my son (he is good now), I looked at my home in the morning and it resembled the insides of a bird’s nest. I remembered that, last week I had kept the folded clothes on the bed and had somehow forgotten midst my chaotic schedule, to place them inside the cupboard. No, I don't think I forgot! I assumed I would do it, once am back from a party we had! And, so continued the vicious cycle of dilly dallying and I ended up gaping at a mountain of laundry with a mixture of washed and unwashed clothes (a classic trait of the people I love). Also, my assignments had piled up and I did no know where to start. And, worse I did not know, what to start with, first! And it was this morning, I prayed to God to not get me a Jeannie but make me one, for a day! And then, after all the laundry-check, kitchen-check, study room-check, dining table-check, filling the bottles of drinking water-check, the above 10 tasks-check and the counted miscellaneous-check (only for counted ones), I am typing away to glory, happy with the fact that somewhere; my hubby did see a Jeannie in me! Jokes apart, I have decided to take my father’s advice very seriously. I need to focus on crossing from 90% to 100%, so that the 10% does not torment me with pending and impending tasks.

So long, if you have enjoyed my rants, be assured I have a lot to sing about, yet!! Maybe, in the posts to follow, there will be a lot of this chirpy home maker's quirky experiences :) So, stay tuned!!



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