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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Remembering the teachers and 15th August ~ From a Nomad's diary

Going by the title, there might be confusion if I have confused 15th August with 5th September. I have not. Do I remember that this is this day our country earned its independence from the British that once ruled the world? I do! Then, why am I remembering my teachers on this day? Why should I not?

Circa 1997: 
The four houses, Red, Blue, Yellow and Green were full of students dressed appropriately as per the vibrant colors in the central ground of Queen of Angels' Convent, Bharuch. There was a drill master and his band of students from all the four houses who held their position near the stage. There were prefects representing each house flag leading with the vice prefects, the whole house of students standing in attention. The vice prefect of the Red House looked at her house flag and reveled in the magnificent color of her flag. But then, her eyes fell on a piece of tied cloth that rose even above her house flag along the central pole of the ground, high up to the sky as it seemed. The moment the cloth reached the top of the pole, it was untied and it revealed its majesty as the saffron, white, the green and the blue blinded her eyes with the rose petals that fell all over. The national anthem had started. The national flag had been hoisted. The feeling was priceless.

Present day:
As I so remember the march pasts, the drills and the variety of musical and folk programs preceded by the hoisting of our beautiful tricolor with Jana Gana Mana being sung with absolute patriotic fervor, this day for many reasons brings a smile on my face, as I reminisce my school days fondly. We had zero periods back then, to practice for the events to be conducted on this day. The practice sessions would start as early as a month in advance. Those days, we quite managed to strike an amazing balance between our academics and extra curricular, despite the fact, we juggled! It feels, as students, we always had a purpose, a goal, an aim to achieve something. Do I sound nostalgic?? Quite!!

For the past two weeks, I have observed the practices going on for this big day in my son’s school. The recitations, the elocutions, the dance and the songs rehearsals, the drills and what not, have every participating child’s face glowing with a verve to perform. It feels amazing to watch the children participate and even more, when the teachers walk that extra mile to infuse the interest in the children, to contribute to an event. To involve oneself, to make a team work and then taking the show on the floor, is one hell of a task for both a teacher and a student. But the best part is, both discover a lot in each other and in themselves, when a teacher and a student work as a team. Which is why, this day holds a very special place in my heart for all the teachers. Not that, I don’t remember that 5th September is a teacher’s day, but I feel the real tribute to our teachers comes alive when we listen to them and surprise them with implementing what they teach us in our lives, despite the numerous instances where teachers feel unsure about being comprehended by their students! 15th August is one such day!

This day brings a feeling of unity in students despite the diversities that they spring from. This day helps every student understand the freedom to express and excel in untold ways sans any inhibitions whatsoever. This day rather strengthens a teacher and a student’s bond as the events they work together turn out into successful and memorable ones. 15th August may be a day we earned our independence. But for me, this and every such day that brings a teacher and a student together, is a day that helps a child become independent from the shackles of unexpressed insecurities and complexes and makes him step out on the stage to unveil his talents. That is what independence in the true sense is, for a student and the teacher!

So, A Happy independence to each one of you!!
Cheers & God bless...!!



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