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Thursday, May 8, 2014


As she sat there, silently chipping away her choco chips from the vanilla waffle, he reveled in her presence. They had not had a single conversation without an argument, ever since they met. Yet, he loved being around her, talking to her and yet, fighting with her. There was a spark in her brown eyes when she spoke about herself, her parents, her childhood, her friends, her hostel life et al. None of it mattered to him, as long as she kept talking to him. Sometimes, she would dose off in their late night banters. Even as he would try to hang up, she would be mumbling in her sleep. Her voice soothed him. He could discuss almost everything with her under the Sun. He had never felt this close to another human in a long time. And then, she looked up to catch his soft glance. 

She (with her mouthful):So, had dinner??

He: "Hmmm.....well I had a late lunch. So, thought of skipping dinner. Maybe, I will have a bowl of fruits when I get home..."

Of course, he was hungry and thought about asking her to join him at a small restaurant near by, that was named Valentines' Square. And just as he was about to ask her.......................................

She: "You know, the ice cream ain't that bad as I thought! It is good, actually."

He: "Yes, it is! You are suddenly talking sweet! For a change, no jibes, no digs and no potshots!"

She: "Hmm....I have to agree on that, as I do not really have much energy to engage in any futile argument with you."

He: "Then maybe, you should have some more ice cream!!"

She: "No, thanks! I do not take anything sweet in the night. And for the ice cream, it was to give you some company....!! Also, I have to travel, remember?"

He: "Well....well....you did give me company...Now, considering that your bus is usually late, care to join......"

And in that instant, there came a bus honking.....rather blaring!!

She: "Hey! That is my bus! It is on time today! What a pleasant surprise, isn't it?"

He: (Pleasant surprise?? It is a rude shock!)"You said, the bus is usually late! How come it is this early??"

She: "Hey, hey! It is not early....It is on time....which usually is not the case though! OK, then see you maybe next week, if I find you still whiling around in this part of the city!"

He: "Well....so that is it! Here, let me help you with your luggage!"

She: "Not needed....it is just one bag, which the bus is going to carry for the next 9 hours.....So, chill :) And before I forget, thanks for the company and the ice cream....."

He: "Don't forget to call me once you reach home....good night and take care!!"

She: "Sure!"

He found it difficult to let her go in the bus all by herself. He felt like accompanying her home. And as she waved from inside, he felt all alone, all of a sudden. And then, her number flashed on his mobile.....

She:" Hey! ......am just going home for weekend....so don't sulk too much.....will be back in the fighting ring day after tomorrow.....and you see, you cannot get rid of me that easy!!"

He: "yeah, take care!!"

And, he was about to blurt those three magical words that had been driving him crazy but he held restraint. Maybe, this was not the time. But he knew, she was the girl he was going to marry. He did not know, when. He did not know, where. He did not know, how. But he knew that it was to happen. And then, he looked up to the sky, thanked his mother (now his guardian angel) and then, walked to the restaurant - Valentines Square. He was hungry. Despite being the carnivore he was, he stepped into the veg restaurant and took a seat near the garden (the place where she had mentioned she sat usually) and then,

Waiter: Sir, this is our menu card......

He: I know what I want....Two rotis and one palak paneer.

They were her favorite. And now, he would love them too!



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