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Sunday, May 4, 2014

2 States ~ Movie review

A cute intelligent Tamilian girl, a droopy eyed Punjabi boy,  feisty parents and in-laws to be,  moderate acting, mediocre songs and some tadka of inter-state romance ..... Chetan Bhagat has surely dramatized the notable events of his life through this movie.

So, did I like it? I am not sure I can say Yes. But, neither can I say a No. Even as a beautiful  love story blossoms between the TamBrahm Ananya and the Punjabi Krish in the campus of IIM, the couple faces the challenge of taking the road of commitment to marriage. There follows a lot of emotional cocktail between the obsessed mother of the boy (played impeccably by Amrita Singh) and the dominating mother of the girl (played by Revathi). And, it is important to mention here, Amrita and Revathi give some priceless insights when it comes to dealing with multifarious situations where cultures and backgrounds clash like fire and water!

As far as acting is concerned, Alia Bhat seems to be on a roll! She has somehow been able to replicate the chirpy, independent and feminist personality (innate in most south Indian girls) with aplomb. Arjun Kapoor as Krish fitted the role apt, although he has been heavily shadowed by Alia’s prowess in acting. Ronit Roy and Shiv Kumar Subramanian have done their parts well as the complicated fathers who have difficulty in being accepted the way they are.

Overall, the movie was just fine. Songs were not that great. The movie, I felt was long. Rest, it is a one time watch!

Rating: 2.5/5



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