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Saturday, April 26, 2014

W – Wisdom ~ A-Z Blogger Challenge 2014

As we grow up, we are aware of the difference between how we lead our lives and how we should lead our lives. There is always a man made rule book dictating how a life must be led and then there is the heart whose decisions and actions are unique to each and which asserts the adage, do what the heart says and you will never falter. And then, there is wisdom, to judge between the logic and the otherwise.

Of the four cardinal virtues, a man is expected to possess, wisdom is one. A hard one to hone, it is believed to come with age and experience. It is one of those virtues that is silent about its presence but makes itself conspicuous only when the time demands. We all grow wise as the number of whites on our head increase. Each one of us is wiser than what we were yesterday. Realizing from one’s own faults or realizing the same from the other’s, wisdom does make its way into a man’s soul sooner or later. But most importantly, wisdom is all about living with the humility to absorb the momentary failures and thinking differently about achieving one’s goals. And Confucius just nailed it.....



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