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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

T - Trust ~ A-Z Blogger Challenge 2014

When I learnt the importance of Faith and sustain it during my hospitalization last year, I also learnt a thing or two about trust. Yes, Trust follows faith wherever it leads to. In the first week of my treatment, my body failed to respond to any treatment and my impatience took over my good senses and I deduced that maybe I am not being treated right. And that is when, my father held my hand and said,

“Child! Learn to trust. You have to trust your doctor if you have to get well. You have to place your entire being in his good hands to let the healing start. Trust his treatment. Have absolute faith in his knowledge. Even before you know, the healing will begin.”

It is then, I knew what I was lacking at. The moment I stopped questioning too much and replaced my doubts with trust, I knew for a fact, that all was going to be fine. And needless to say, within the next week, my body started responding well to the treatment.

There are moments in life, when one knows not, whether to take a step forward and trust someone’s thoughts and actions. But then, there is always an outcome for every action. There are lessons learnt if the instinct to trust does not give one the desired results. But, one at least does not have to regret of not having taken the plunge to trust, or to not.

I firmly believe in this message,

Do you??



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