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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

O - Omen ~ A-Z Blogger Challenge 2014

Have you ever felt that tingling sensation in the back of your head, that says aloud, something is about to happen? Have you ever felt happy without a reason and you tend to discover the reason just a few minutes later? Or, have you felt restless for no reason and you discover that the restlessness was not without a reason? Omen!

If you don’t believe in omens, you must watch nature with an eye for detail. Watch the animals, the birds, the clouds, observe the changing seasons and hear the unspoken words of the plants and trees. They all say something in the form of omens.

Do you believe in omens? Do you believe in small marvels that happen noiselessly? Or, you either know them but choose to ignore them or maybe, you are just ignorant of the fact that omens are there always, saying something to you all the time, about events waiting to unfold?



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