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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

N - Nostalgia ~ A-Z Blogger Challenge 2014

Why is it, no matter how much we live in the present, there is always a portion of our heart brimming with beautiful memories, wishing to relive them again? Why is it, we remember those happy times only when we are not capable of settling down with what the present has to offer? Why is it, we cherish some moments like never before and try to forget the otherwise with a wish that some things just never happened? Nostalgia is indeed, a difficult sentiment. And then, to each his own.

For me, nostalgia is growing up in the mofussil town of Bharuch under the protective wings of the Sisters of Queen of Angels Convent, my alma mater.

For me, it is those amazing moments when my father taught me to ride my cycle, to swim,  and to skate.

For me, it is those memorably warm moments when my mother used to stay up with me during my exams, making filter coffee for me, lest I fell asleep without completing my syllabus.

For me, it is those happy moments when my parents took me around the country side for long vacations so that I see the myriad colors of the big wide world and know it better.

For me, it is those thrilling moments when I stayed in hostel for four long years, doing engineering and at the same time, being a part of every possible mischief under the warden’s nose.

For me, it is those unforgettable moments, when I landed in a new city for a job and made amazing friends, not forgetting to mention found my soul mate too!!

For me, it is a constant reminder that life was never unfair and that, good and bad times are like seasons. They just come in alternatively to make one realize the worth of life.

And most importantly, nostalgia for me doesn't mean, I love my present any less than the beautiful moments of the past. It is just that, I want my present to be a part of a beautiful past, when future arrives.

So, what is your take on this sentiment?



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