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Sunday, April 6, 2014

F – Faith ~ A-Z Blogger Challenge 2014

When I watched this movie 'Life of Pi', it did leave an impact on me. Not because, it was an Oscar winner or it had a majestic Bengal tiger looming large on screen. But because, Richard Parker (the Bengal tiger) and Pi find themselves in the same raft, fighting to survive the rogue waves of the sea. And, Pi survives because of his faith, strong faith in God. Not only does he survive, he also gains a little trust from Richard Parker in his verve to live. 

I faced a similar situation in life last year when I suffered acute symptoms of a neurological disorder. I lost my speech and eyesight overnight with no foreseen symptoms. With no pain, my defense system turned against me and created havoc within my body. In my case, this was a hostile Richard Parker who wouldn't just gain my trust. Those two weeks of intense hospitalization held me walking on a tight rope where I knew not, what the next minute had in store for me. In that moment of weakness, in that moment of helplessness, somewhere deep within, there was a light, that flickered. That light was faith. With prayers from loved ones constantly ringing in my ears and with the steady chanting of Gayatri mantra, Hanuman chalisa and Vishnu sasahranamam and with a good doctor to treat me, this faith started shining brightly, bringing with it new hopes and a will to survive.

The image just says it all and faith teaches precisely that. All one needs to have is, faith in God, faith in destiny, faith in self. And then, He is always there to guide us in battling the storms of life. Isn't it? 

Do you have faith in God? Do you have faith in your destiny? Do you have the faith in yourself to beat every challenge life throws at you?



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