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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

C - Cocoon ~ A-Z Blogger Challenge 2014

Every life is familiar with what a cocoon is. Even at a primal level, a life associates cocoon with security, assurance and protection. From nature's perspective, it is a haven for a blossoming life awaiting a transformation.

Technically, a cocoon is a casing that is spun by moth caterpillars before they transition into butterflies. But looking at it, a cocoon has a much deeper connotation. The intricately woven structure by a caterpillar is truly a marvel in itself. The stage when the larva rests inside the cocoon growing noiselessly, is the time when the budding life is busy preparing itself to battle the tough uncertainties and unseen challenges that await it, on the other side. It is this place where a life gets ready to roll and face the world.

And when the cocoon breaks, one can see a wrinkled winged butterfly emerge free from the sticky inside of its cocoon. The butterfly takes its time to spread the wings, flutter a little and then, takes on its first flight. Initially, it finds itself battling the strength of the winds. After all, it is its first time. There is some struggle, some failure, a little success and a lot of focus. As its wings get acclimatized to the concept of flight, gradually the young butterfly flies effortlessly like never before.

Cocoon is the metamorphosis stage for every life. It is a stage that makes a life realize that, the risk to remain the same surpasses the risk to change. Sometimes, such simple wonders of nature teach us about the importance of struggle, the need to change and the sweetness of success that comes after the seemingly never ending struggle and change.



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