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Friday, March 7, 2014

Happy Women's Day 2014 ~ From a Nomad's diary

So, it is 8Th March. And when I logged on to FaceBook, it brought a big smile on my face as I saw one of my friends celebrating her son’s first birthday and my cousin celebrating her 8Th marriage anniversary. But most importantly, the link connecting all the good news was the day today, 8Th March. And it happens to be a Happy Women’s day J

Women’s day! A day for us! A day celebrated for us! A day that marks the existence of the powerful Venusians who take the world by storm in unexpected, but inspiring ways. A day that glorifies the achievements the talented lot of our kind have made in life, in the process becoming the role model for many more! 

And now I am suddenly reminded of a powerful quote by Margret Thatcher, the Iron lady,

She just said it all!! That is our power!! May our tribe multiply!!



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