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Monday, November 18, 2013

Rourkee bypass ~ A Short film

Recently I watched this short film on filmcurry.com – Rourkee Bypass. And little did I know, I was to be addicted to short films than the normal two hour movies, thereafter. And why not? Short films have this amazing way of adapting simple yet profound incidents that have happened, or are happening or, are just waiting to happen in some corner of the world. And Rourkee Bypass is just one to quote here.

It focuses on loneliness. And mind well, I am not talking about the loneliness that is felt by the generation of today for whom it is more synonymous with no internet or no whatsapp or no gaming, but the kind felt by the generation of yesterday who want to stay connected with the current one in any which way possible.

The film is a perfect example of a very common plight that can be observed in the old people of today who are lonely. And needless to say, loneliness is terrible. And it is even more in old age, where heart aches for company. In this case, the young man made a promise on impulse, but did not bother to keep it or even understand the impact of such a promise on that old lady. A sad plight of today! It is important for this generation to realize that they need to stay connected with the people of yester years. They may not sound interesting. They may be technologically challenged. They may advise you on many things, on which you may even feel you don’t need it. But then, that is not the point. They need a listening ear. They want to be a part of your lives. They feel good when they are given importance. And mind well, old age is not a choice for a living. It is inevitable. It will come. And to each one of us.

So, why not call up your grand parents, grand aunts and other relatively lonely elders of your family and talk to them? And, they will be happy. So will we be.

And for the above, I would say ROURKEE BYPASS is a must watch! All you have to do is spare 5-7 minutes which must be that difficult!



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