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Friday, November 8, 2013

Starting the “garden family” ~ From an nomad's diary

As the suggestions for plants poured in, there was a slight desire in me to get hanging pots. They would add a nice touch to the outward decor of our first floor home. And about the potted plants, I just thought, may be one or two, I shall buy and not more. And until that moment, I was so sure, that I was never going to get inclined to gardening in a frenzy way. Even as I got ready to accompany my mom to the nearest nursery, it was just for her. And boy, I was so wrong!

From Google Images
When I entered the nursery, there was this 'cannot be verbally expressed' feeling that wrapped me in a cocoon of greenery and warmth. The nursery did not have colourful blooms or big plants as I had anticipated. All that greeted our eyes, were saplings of the many regular varieties that this nursery housed. Now, you might wonder what is so appealing about saplings? Well, any living in its nascent stage exudes innocence. And no worldly beauty can surpass that fresh innocence. Most saplings had a few leaves and they were just budding towards their adulthood. In short, they were growing. Healthy and strong.

And then, I asked the guy over the counter, “Which of these blooms all year round?”

Well, the man smiled as he realized that am a first time gardener. He replied, “Not all of them bloom all the time. The line of plants you see on your left are Crotons, which are show plants and the the one that is on your right contains flowers. Most flowers are seasonal. So you can plan your garden family as per season.”

Mom who was still busy studying plants, came up and suggested, "Start with the holy basil – Tulsi."

And that was my first purchase from the nursery. The first day itself brought a sea of change in our home. A freshness had crept in. And Tulsi came home as the first member of my garden family.

Taken from Google Images

(More updates coming your way.....)



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