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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Have you felt the child in you? ~ Joys of Motherhood

I always thought I am incapable of entertaining small kids because I cannot do the cooing and googlybooglying little children. Even today, as a mother of an almost two toddler, I can’t. But I can play a lot. Like, playing with my son is a full time job that I love to do. Suddenly, I become his playmate and mind well, when I become his playmate, I am a toddler as per him. We play hide and seek. We snatch each other’s toys and I enjoy seeing him cry, get angry, bang his tiny hands on the table and then as a last resort complain to his father or his grandparents. And then, my mother who plays the devil’s advocate admonishes me and asks me to do what he wants. And that leaves him giggling with his hands covering his mouth. I would happily become the toddler to only relish that priceless expression on his face, the expression of victory that comes after having battled hard. Some days, when I get tired of this game, he forcibly hands over his toys to me and urges me to fight! And then, he rushes to his grandparents to complain about me. These are the times I love the most, when I am treated more as his sibling than his mother. It is only in the night he rolls over to my side and gets cuddled in my arms. And that feeling of being loved involuntarily is unparalleled. My hands automatically curl around him and both sleep tight.....

Motherhood has its challenges. It starts with long sleepless nights, feeding newborn for long hours, changing soiled diapers and many physical discomforts follow suit. But it is all worth in the end when the child grows, evolves, becomes naughtier and surprises you each day with a different trick up his sleeve, imitates you, speaks to you in a mixture of languages he picks up from all the people he meets. Elders often say, “kozhandayum Deivum Gunathal ondru”. It is true. Because they perceive everyone in the same manner sans any bias, discrimination or selected interest. And from them we often get lessons for a lifetime.....
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