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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Why? Why? Why? ~ Self talk

There are good and bad days. When days are good, there is a lot of sunshine, there is a lot of laughter and there is a lot of fun and romance. And then, there are those days when dark clouds camouflage the Sun behind their thick sheath of layers. There is thunder and lightning and what follows is a never ending gush of rains. It is like a sudden transition that changes the atmosphere without a warning. There is some gloom, unsaid words and unfinished arguments. And when things are unfinished, there is a strong underlying bitter feeling at the pit of the stomach that does not let self think rationally. And the questions keep popping up like those unsolicited pop up windows on Internet.....

Why is it so easy to complicate things that become almost impossible to get simplified later?

Why is it so difficult to let go of a weakness that you know you need to get rid of?
Why do materialistic things suddenly get more importance than they deserve?
Why does one need to show off to impress people around?
Why is there a need to take stress at all for any matter which is never going to be larger than health or life or personal bonds?
Why is it so difficult to be happy when happiness is all around because one chooses not to enjoy it?
Why is it so easy to be insensitive to other person’s problems?
Why is it difficult to accept a change even over a period of time?
Why is it difficult to understand that making certain sacrifices are like those investments that will give a good secure and content life later?
Why is it not so easy to let go off certain fixations that are beyond any logic or reasoning?
Why, after all, why?
The questions will always keep coming. As self slowly tries to accept a reality without questioning, it also knows that things will eventually change, they have to, they will. Because change is the only thing that will not let a phase of life stagnate for long.....wish, change happens soon and all the why’s shall be answered.....




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