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Monday, April 15, 2013

A Date with Him ~ Conscience Speaks

Days are passing at a moderate pace. I love the early mornings. There is so much freshness and optimism about this time of the day. After a few prayers I listen to Vishnu Sahasranamam as I do my Yoga and a few exercises. There is so much power in these mantras that one doesn't feel any fatigue. It just keeps feeding you with infinite energy and stamina. As the day progresses, time does dull me a little bit. With a double vision that will take its own sweet time to go away, my outings are limited. Even if I were to go out, I need a pair of dark sunglasses to keep the light on my eyes minimum and to get a proper focus on things. Of course, I get sceptical looks from onlookers around. Still, there is improvement ever since I came back from the hospital and with that hope I look forward to getting well in the complete sense.

It is strange that after certain incidents, we transform in a way we never would have imagined before. A couple of years back, my perceptions about rituals, traditions and perhaps, about everything were different, or rather biased. I was just too stubborn to follow certain advice that was meted out to me at various times by elders. For instance, I have a decently good voice but I won’t sing. And my attitude then was like “Why should I sing? Becoz mom wants me to? I wont! I don’t think i enjoy singing devotional songs!”

Despite the good voice, I failed to see the magic in singing, humming and practising songs that I knew by heart. And today, after a month of having got my voice back (after having battled hard against the acute symptoms of myasthenia gravis when I was clinically dumb for 2 weeks then, not able to talk or swallow), I suddenly love to sing. Surprisingly, I am singing devotional songs with joy, the ones that I never wanted to sing because I thought I don’t belong to the devotional lot. And what surprises me to the core is that I am able to sing with such fluency and am able to recite all those shlokas I had never recited in years with such ease that I am only left wondering at the beauty of having got a new lease of life.

Suddenly, I am loving this change, this change that my parents were yearning to see in me for years, this change that shocked my husband pleasantly, this change that has made me content, this change that has changed me for good. And so, here I end this post with a few questions:
How many of us know why rituals are conducted the way they should be?
Why are traditions followed?
Why are pujas important?
How important and how impactful are planetary positions in our lives?
Why there should be a discipline in life?

Now, these questions don’t imply that rituals are to be followed fanatically. Following comes involuntarily once what, why and how are clear. As for me, I am still finding answers. But leaving aside all that, I have discovered a new passion in following certain rituals I never gave a second thought about some time back. And the love for doing so has not come out of fear, but out of sheer respect for that moment when certain shlokas, mantras and music fed me with tonnes of positive energy when I almost lost hope that I would survive the ordeal I went through.

P.S : Well, I felt like writing this post after I came across this above FB update.

Cheers & God bless...!!



Blogger Shobana Karthik said...

Very well written Narayani. I could relate to some of your thoughts in this blog. I was a rebellion when it came to reciting slokas and singing songs but the past few years Iam realizing the inner peace that it gives you when u do basic puja and recite slogams or just listen to them.
There is this beautiful connection of having discipline in life and having the puja/slogam regimen. That can be only felt once we follow that voluntarily and not because we were told to do them.
Love ur posts!! Keep them coming!!

April 15, 2013 at 6:38 AM  
Blogger Narayani Karthik said...

Thanks a lot shobana akka :) Your comment has made my day :)

April 15, 2013 at 6:46 AM  

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