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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Music, Prayers, Mantras and healing..... ~ The healing touch

Listening to music is the best form of busting stress or at least it helps you confine your space and let  you be just yourself. We all love to listen to music of some or the other kind. Some of us love hard beats whereas some of us love the soft one. Some love instruments and some love their own singing (which is a very lovely thing). Some love devotional songs and then there are some who love silence. Well, coming to think of it, silence is also a music. It has a note of its own. But then music is just not about listening to the beats and tapping the feet. It is about the music that is felt by the soul. Music that one hears for the first time and feels how it was not heard before. Time sure is a mentor. There are certain times in life when certain notes touch your soul, notes that you rarely took note of, notes that always followed you but you never felt its presence because you were just too busy. The music that comes with the first strike of the morning bell of the temples, those divine sounds that come from the mantras being chanted, that comforting Fajr that comes from a far away mosque at the break of dawn, the soothing silence of the dawn itself followed by bird music are those notes that we rarely notice or perhaps, notice but do not really give much thought about it. Well, we really don’t have the time to enjoy in nature’s lap. Is it because we think we don’t have the time or is it because, we feel it is always there and there is nothing new to it?

Some music is heard only when the heart listens. Some music is heard only when the soul is in pain. Some music is heard only when the mind is calm. Some music is heard only when a curve ball  wrecks havoc in a normal life. And that is when we reach out to a taste of music we think would have been an unlikely choice in any regular phase of our lives. And those are the times that make us comprehend the healing powers of music that comes from prayers. Those notes exuberate energy. They release power. They give strong vibes of optimism. More so, they give that feeling of certainty that no matter what, things will eventually turn out fine and this too shall pass. As I write this, I can once again feel the power of prayers, chants and the mantras that were read for me when I was hospitalized. They were recited in different languages and different tones. But they all had one thing in common. They all had those notes of music that I never took note of before. They were the notes of the Omnipresent who was with me all the time, watching over me, guiding me, suffering with me, and yet helping me understand the fact that life has its grey shades too and that is the beauty of it.
And ever since, I feel blessed to have known the power of music, the music of prayers, the music of nature.



Blogger Deepa Iyer said...

You are always in our thoughts and prayers darlin! :) And yes music heals!

April 7, 2013 at 8:40 AM  

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