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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Chapter 14: Assurance is at times what one needs at that moment..... ~ Chapters from my life

22nd March 2013

And finally, in the late morning, Dr Vyas came. He checked my eye ball movements, my hands and legs movements and then he asked me to speak. As I spoke, he assured me that I am getting better. As for my vision, he told me to have patience as it will take time for me to resume normal vision. As I started probing more about my discharge, he said that the plasma pherasis cycles will have to be completed. There were three more to go. I sighed. When will the day finally come, when I shall go home to my world? I knew the answer – wait.....
So the night, I was again wheeled into the dialysis unit for the third time. I was quite prepared mentally and in the first of many times I was given water orally. But they were just a few drops. But how I had them. Every little drop made me happy. I made sure I took the smallest sips possible. Only a thirsty man knows the value of those tiny sips. Although the annoying tube was still inserted deep inside me, I waited with a smile for the procedure to start and end. Meanwhile, either my husband or my father used to be there next to me, holding my hand and reassuring each time that the thing will get over in a jiffy. I would smile as I shook uncontrollably due to the coldness caused by the circulation of body fluids. Surprisingly, this time my BP was just fine and I was out in 2 hours. And as I came back to my room, I waited with utmost desperation for the day when I shall be back home, sweet home. For the first time, I smiled genuinely. And it felt good.....

Lines on that day: Small joys that we don't give much importance on any other normal day bring utmost happiness and contentment in times like these......



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