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Friday, March 29, 2013

Chapter 8: Sometimes, time becomes the mentor and pain becomes the friend..... ~ Chapters from my life

14th March 2013:

And then came one major test, the CSF in which a sample of the cerebral spinal fluid is extracted from the spinal cord. The test was to determine whether it contained some infection. This test required signature from the husband before being conducted. I was warned already that there would be intensifying pain for a minute or so. And that, I had to cooperate. I was asked to crouch in a foetal position with 5-6 people holding me tight. And then, after a local anaesthesia was administered, the pain of the prick on my spine was intense. After the procedure, I lay numb on the table. I was drifting in and out of consciousness. Colours splashed, sounds were muffled and the world was a blur. Incoherence was the word to describe my mental state. Suddenly, I felt nothing. It was like floating in some empty space where there were no dreams, no hopes and no life. I felt as if I was drifting between two worlds, not knowing which one was for real. And then from far away, I heard some noise. The noise was getting louder and then I could feel someone patting me hard and waking me up roughly. I opened my eyes and I saw a couple of nurses telling me to wake up as I was going back to my room. I thanked God. The day was to end soon. No more surprises was all I could ask for at that moment.
After half an hour, what seemed like ages, I was wheeled back to my room. I couldn’t see properly but there were familiar voices, voices of people who adored me and had come all the way from our place to pray for me. I was overwhelmed but could not emote. Faces weren’t clear. But my hearing sense was sharp and I instantly knew each one of them. God was kind enough to help me hear the soothing prayers that were read out for my speedy recovery. And that day, I understood the strength and depth of prayers. Prayers are the supernatural medicine that eventually works its way out but it breeds on faith and belief. Till that moment, I was brooding over whatever happened. But from that moment onwards, I started believing in myself. My inner self woke up from an age long slumber and it took control over my mind. Even before I knew, the healing had started though the process was slow.
Lines on that day: Dava ke saath dua zaruri hai.....



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