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Friday, March 29, 2013

Chapter 1: 25th March 2013. The judgement day of my life. ~ Chapters from my life

25th March 2013 : A day I shall cherish for a lifetime.

25th March 2013 : This day will always remind me how important life is, love is and faith in the Almighty is.

25th March 2013 : It is a living proof of my life that no prayer goes unanswered.

25th March 2013 :  It is the day of attestation by the Almighty that every night shall end only to blossom into a new day.

25th March 2013 : This day is a live testimony of my life that there is nothing larger than life itself.

25th March 2013 : It is the day that helped me realize the power of hope, faith and human bond.

25th March 2013 : It is the day that taught me how close one could get to losing everything in one go.

25th March 2013 : It is the day that made me feel the depth of those human emotions that rarely surfaces on any normal day.

25th March 2013 : It is the day that made me sail through the most formidable side of my normal life with a strength I never knew, existed in me.

25th March 2013 : It is the day that will forever cling to my soul, my heart and my mind as it is the day that saw the unison of all three in one piece.

25th March 2013 : It is the day I came back home in good health, exactly after 15  days of intense hospitalization, after the most agonizing phase of my life commenced, when my fight started against the rarest form of a neurological disorder that goes by the name of myasthenia gravis……

"When weakness hits rock bottom, there is no way other than growing up strong....."



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