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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The meet that was absolutely meant to be ~ The Gang of Gorgeous Women

There are things I love doing and then there are some which I wish dint exist in the first place. Well, that is precisely how I felt about a ladies meet (the above, of course the one I din want at all) when I first heard of it. Perceptions. That is so complicated. You never know how it will affect your judgements. But the end of a perception is always good and for good, no matter how, why and what.

So this was my second ladies meet, considering I did not do anything worthwhile in the first one. The second meet was held at the Commandant’s place and the theme for the party was ‘RETRO’ which meant that we gorgeous ladies were supposed to churn out sensual avatars of Mumtaz, Sharmilas and asha parekhs. Needless to say, getting ready for the event was fun. All the parlor ladies were busy with their clients trying to bring out the best in each one. In my case, I chose to drape a simple red cotton saree with a yellow border. Thanks to my maid who gave a retro look even to that simple drape. She even got me a flower so that I could pin it on one side of my mane, but I chose to carry it around in my hands as the flower was overshadowing my lil head :P

And after all the photo sessions and photo shooting, all of us from the course were off to the venue where we were to be present at 4 PM. As the dusk was picturesquely blue with the rays of the setting Sun penetrating the fluffy cumulus and the cool breeze of the evening, our brigade marched with the tambola tickets and raffles clutched tightly in out fidgety hands. The lovely evening was about to begin.

As the sun set, the evening sprang up to life as the vivacious hosts of the meet greeted each one and entertained us with a lot of activities to indulge in, not forgetting to mention here, also giving funny anecdotes now and then. And I realized, there is no limit to the fun ladies can have with their husbands not around. There were games, Tambola, ramp walk and lot of singing and dancing. We just felt that the evening must keep continuing. I, for one, being a mother had some time to herself in a long time. And it felt good to be that way (should be so, atleast once in a while). And how those three hours flew, none realized. At the end, we were treated with refreshments that had those mouth watering snacks every woman would crave for. Pani puris, kathi rolls, aloo tikkis and dahi chat followed by simmering gajar ka halwa and gulab jamun with icecream were something that made us drool over again and again even after out tummies were full. And that is how the awesome ladies meet unfolded.

Now that I end this post with those fond memories, I am reminded of a question a senior officer had posed on a previous social occasion. “Why is there a ladies meet? What is the purpose of it?” There were many answers that came from the crowd, but what he replied made us ponder over the depth of such an idea to bring the ladies together. And he had said, “This meet is not just to bring the ladies of the fraternity together and have fun, but it is to ensure that all the ladies remain together in joy and sorrow. Every lady, as she ascends the ladder along with her husband, takes over a new role where she becomes the guide to every other lady who is yet to adapt to the life of Army. It is a sisterhood that shall last for a lifetime.” And that is so true. Besides, learning about the place and life, we also learn about each other’s talents and passions, likes and dislikes. Cooking together, shopping together, working together and playing together every now and then, gives a sense of togetherness. And after this wonderful ladies meet, I am looking forward to many more good times in this beautiful town, Mhow.

P.S: Some good things that happened on a personal front:

I blogged about something at least after a month and more.
I learnt some basic rules of Tambola. Because in the first meet, I won and not realizing that I won, sat silently watching my prize going away to some one else. So next time, I hope lady luck helps me out a lil bit.

Also, saree draping is fun. I never enjoyed wearing sarees, but now it seems like, you cannot enjoy something you haven’t tried and draping saree is absolutely fun. Of course, I still need help with it.

Also, I am reminded of my post pending on unpacking.....so stay tuned!

Cheers & God bless...!!



Blogger Ikya Kesiraju said...

I wish I could be in MHOW now! I was there as a 2 year old kid and (surprisingly) have amazing memories of that town! I suck at tambola (very unlike an army kid) I don't enjoy playing it much. I think I'll give it a shot coming Saturday to see if that's changed!
Oh and out of personal experience, I feel most of the time I'm not excited about meeting people or hanging out with a bunch of my very good friends (yes, I'm the strange one that likes to be by myself mostly!) I enjoy it more than when I am excited about a meet! Always happens!
I'm glad you're enjoying Mhow! Hope you have a ball while you're there!

February 10, 2013 at 12:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

its been just one month that i came back from mhow ,,,, n i can't wait to be back !! Cheers ladies!

February 21, 2013 at 7:50 AM  

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