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Monday, October 1, 2012

Bidding monsoons, a goodbye ~ One not-so-fine day

1st October' 2012 : 7:30 PM

I have never quite enjoyed monsoons. Except when I felt it was normal to be home sipping away cups of nice ginger tea and chatting away endlessly in good female company or perhaps, when hubby and son surprise me not so often by putting up with their best behavior which is when they await something delicious from my kitchen. Yes, I have not one but two Anton Egos at home who keep craving for something different everyday. And it is a good thing too, has helped me improvise my culinary skills and now I am a moderately good cook. Well, leaving aside all that, today happened to be a very unusual ending to the monsoons whose time I guess is over for this year at least. The whole day was dull. Clear skies with patches of nimbus blotting the blue skies and the golden rays of the sun and the increasing humidity in the atmosphere definitely did not signal it as ‘one fine day’. Somehow the day was just not fine. With my kitchen drain pipe coming off and with the tank getting empty, my woes couldn’t get any worse. Above all, feeling unwell and still having an appetite could perhaps be a good thing at any other time when you have people around to immediately make you something nice and healthy to eat. Sigh! Still managed to pull out my instant menu. Hot tomato soup (not the instant ones, I made it), buttered bread slices and maggi happened to be my lunch menu. And hubby was happy the minute he saw Maggi. (Maggi Addict is what I call him). And as the noon ended, the day was getting all the more dull. The scene outside was a gloomy picture and was releasing inexorably mysterious waves. It looked like something was to happen soon. Not a leaf moved. Not a tree swayed. All there was, silence which was too loud in its own way. And I dreaded going out for my usual evening walks as silence as this disturbs me bad. Even at night, I am so much used to hearing the fan sound that I am absolutely incapable of sleeping in silence and no light at all (considering there is always a night lamp in my room).
And as the noon was nearing an end, I could see a big nasty black patch of nimbus coming from the north. It came like a thick blanket and as it proceeded, I could see the sun light ebbing out slowly but distinctly. The dark clouds spread all over the skies and at 5:30 PM, the sky was almost dark. And in that deafening silence, came a loud thundering sound followed by multiple streaks of lightning and strong gushes of wind that had suddenly come out nowhere. From sultry, the weather suddenly became cool. Well, cold would be the word. And then the sound started gradually as a small hoosh and then it did not just rain, it poured! October had started in the real sense and perhaps, this was the ending to the waning monsoon which now would be more welcome only after the next summer. Somehow, the day ended and that is what I wanted. Got an eye infection too which is ruining my sleep and temperament. Nevertheless, as they say,
So be it :)



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