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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fleeting thoughts..... ~ One fine day

So am using my laptop after a long long time, guess after 2 years and this sturdy companion of mine is still very much in love with me by functioning perfect. (very much unlike my hubby’s HP laptop that just doesn’t cope with me. Needless to say, I seem to develop a cross with all gadgets belonging to him). And as I am peeking into my writing space after a long time, I am also reminded that I have not visited my blog in a long time. What to say, I haven’t had the time to write as my year old son keeps me on toes and I am busy attending to the needs of my family. Not forgetting to mention, being a homemaker is the toughest job on earth. And that I have been a working woman too some time back, I can say with all confidence, that being a homemaker is definitely not easy as it looks. But then, it is enjoyable in its own way. And today, which happens to be one of those rare days when I have been able to put my son to sleep, the weather outside is beckoning me to open up. The bright silver dew on windows panes, the lush green foliage outside, clean and wet roads with small puddles on either side, peacocks dancing in the golf course welcoming the already set in monsoons, birds chirping and the clinking sound of the chymes due to the soft breeze that brings with it a spray of the drizzle, all of it creates a small piece of heaven on earth. But even more contended I feel now is I am sitting in front of my laptop reading all that I wrote in the past 5 years in this space. And I have every reason to be happy when blogging because it was always this writing space, my blog which, besides the people I love, has given me immense strength, encouragement and a shoulder to lean on in not very smooth times. It has been my silent listener, the silent partner. And that is the other kind of partner everyone needs at some time in life. Someone who understands you when no one does, someone who hears you out when your voice does not reach ears around you, someone who watches you even as you feel you are not acknowledged at all. And my blog is that one love of my life I can always turn to when I have to be me and just me. And I feel the sheer joy of expressing myself in words when low or down, right here. At least once the vent is open, the emotions happy or sad pour out and make the soul lighter and self happier. And that is what I call ‘Feels good!’.
Signing off for now..... Cheers & God bless...!!



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