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Friday, March 29, 2013

Chapter 9: Where a small candle of hope lit, immediately a cold wind would douse it..... ~ Chapters from my life

15th March - 17th March 2013:

The days that followed were a smudge. Nothing was clear. My prognosis report was seemingly fine. My blood reports were fine. My nerve reflexes were good. And still my case was puzzling. On a second opinion from another leading neurologist, Dr Tapadia, a second MRI was scheduled for me. The nightmare was not ready to end. I felt like a caged animal who was being subjected to tests. Meanwhile, my body was not responding to the treatment that had already commenced. My heart beat was irregular. My blood pressure was unstable. My sugar was erratic. I could feel my body was punctured to the core and was refusing to cooperate with the ongoing treatment. The second MRI report fortunately came out clean. And then came a shocking revelation from Dr Vyas. He said, the enemy in my body was none but my own body. Apparently, my defense system had gone haywire and had started attacking me for no rhyme or reason. Precisely, I had suffered acute symptoms of a very rare form of an auto immune disorder, myasthenia gravis, a condition that happens one in thousands. He said though, my condition was absolutely curable, but the treatment would be long and I would be hospitalized for 10 more days, wherein the next round of treatment was to start soon. Hopes rose. Faith returned. And with that was to come greater pain.....



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