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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The humble chocolate mousse ~ Gourmet chronicles

So, at times when you feel low or you feel useless or you feel you need to do something, you invariably search for that one thing to do that boosts your morale and makes you feel proud for a fact, that you did something you like to do. You did something that you have been wanting to do in a long long while and you finally did it! Well, today happened to be that day for me.

And from nowhere, well not nowhere, but from somewhere this thing suddenly popped in my head as if it were waiting for this moment. I now remembered how much I had been wanting to do this thing and a series of unexpected events that had happened in the past made me totally forget that there is so much to do around still and so much to derive pleasure from. And that is when like some pop up window, this chocolate mousse sprang up in front of my eyes and I could clearly imagine my husband grinning, rather flashing his Colgate smile as I further dreamt about getting him this wonderful dessert in his 'favourite blue tinted glass' of which he always makes fun of, saying that was the most useless thing he had ever known of! So, this was the moment to unleash my then dormant now awake zaaika and this is what followed.
I opened my fridge and found three cans of whipped cream, a huge slab of dark chocolate and eggs. Wow! All I needed to make the simplest form of a chocolate mousse was here. So here goes the recipe for the simplest humble chocolate mousse:
  • Add 300 gms of dark chocolate to a tin(preferably aluminium). Take a saucepan with some water and heat it on medium flame. Place the tin in the saucepan and let the chocolate melt. The process will take about 15-20 minutes. 
  • Now whisk take 3-4 eggs with about 250 gms of decarmelized sugar. Preferably beat with an electric beater, for about 15 minutes till the mixture is frothy and attains a thick paste like texture.
  • Meanwhile, the chocolate must have melted by now. Keep it aside and let it cool down. Now take a container and add about 350 ml of thick cream and whip it well.
  • Once the chocolate has cooled down, add the chocolate to the egg mixture in folds. As you add them, whisk the mixture in one direction slowly yet steadily. Don’t use a beater now. Keep whisking till the chocolate has nicely mixed with the egg sugar mixture.
  • Now, add the whipped cream in folds to the chocolate paste and keep mixing till a brown paste like texture is attained. Now take out your choicest glassware. I had some very old blue tinted Italian glassware set which I never thought would be put to use. My husband, an year back had coaxed me into either giving them away or using them as candle stands. But I guess, those glasses were waiting for this day, this particular day when they will be holding a yummy dessert that was soon to be shared with my adoring neighbours, besides my husband.
  • So, after transferring the contents into your choice of glassware, refrigerate for at least 3-4 hours. Serve chilled. You may add some more cream, some grated choco chips, cherries as a means of improvising the look and taste of it. I did not have any more cream and so decided to swear by the simple humble chocolate mousse which actually turned out well, considering it was my first time.
BTW my motivation to try out this recipe came from the following FB update that read

P.S : Hubby loved it. Loved the glass too :D Neighbors too loved it, I guess so. And my son too enjoyed his first spoonful of the humble chocolate mousse. So, this was just one fine day, a day that has been good to me :D

Cheers & God bless...!!



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