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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Chapter 15: A mother’s gift : the pearls of wisdom ~ Chapters from my life

23rd March 2013

As I recounted the sordid details of whaterver happened with me, I asked my father, “Why did it have to happen to me? Why, after all?”  Despite having got the strength from the prayers and the extremely meticulous care that was showered on me, the question nagged me somewhere deep down within. And this time, my mother replied. And unlikely to her emotional fiery side, she told me calmly, “It is because, you were chosen. God chose you coz you are brave. And indomitable courage springs up in the most vulnerable moments and you proved it. Maybe, you can guide people who suffer silently and know not what is wrong with them. Write about it. Let the world know. Not because you had to endure it. But if anyone faces this kind of a rare problem, what is to be done. Maybe, that is what God wants.”

And then I remembered. Aah, how I missed writing. Immediately I asked the staff to get me a notebook and a pen. Although I had difficulty in seeing, I managed to write a few pages. It was after ages, I wrote on a paper. I felt rejuvenated. And then I doodled for a long while. It did not matter any more what I doodled. What mattered was my mind was active and no matter what, it will be a fight to the finish. My inner strength had returned. I was not going to buckle any more. Whatever, I will be my self again.

Lines on that day: We derive our will to fight back and survive from the optimism that springs from helplessness. It is like the storm that subsides only to give birth to a new beginning.....



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