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Saturday, November 2, 2013

The first compering experience ~ From an nomad's diary

Have you ever felt the happiness for being recognized for something that has been your brainchild? Have you ever felt the ecstasy that runs into your veins deep as that resonating sound of applause and congratulatory remarks still rings in your ears for something you did the first time? Well, the feeling engulfed me a when a few days back I hosted an event, or more precisely to say, compered for the first time, addressing a crowd for whom I was just someone who belonged to their fraternity, until the moment I  commenced with compering.

A month back, I was approached by a friend who requested me if I could compere for a station ladies meet. I wasn't quite sure and I had refused. And then, the issue was forgotten until I got another call from a senior army wife a couple of days later, who asked me if I would be interested to host the meet. I always believe in signs. If there are signs that repetitively remind you of something, or prod you to do something, I feel it is a decision made already. And this time, without much thinking, I said yes! And I had no idea about the hosting part, as I had never gone anywhere near a stage for any reason, for more than a decade. But with my husband's usual words of encouragement, “Just do what you have to, you will find your way!”, I decided to take the plunge.

And with all encouragement and guidance from unknown quarters, my partner and I prepared our script which was proof read and fine tuned from time to time. The final outcome was definitely sweet. I had those initial goose bumps about holding the stage and the attention of the audience, as all first timers are. But once my partner and I were there, there was no looking back. Well ‘no looking back’, here meant a statutory warning for us by the senior army wives who had already prepared us saying, “whatever happens, just keep the show going!”. And the event turned out to be a grand success. There was a small skit performed by us, followed by a group song by four gifted singers and a fusion group dance by four exceptionally talented dancers. When the event was over, I realized for a fact that beginnings are always those rough grounds in any project of life. They carry uncertainty with them, leaving many loose ends to be tied. But then, only when we face the beginning, the way ahead clears and the end of tunnel can be seen. It felt good to have participated, no matter what errors happened (which I came to know were not noticeable at all). But the whole experience was gratifying. The feeling of holding a stage, addressing a crowd and getting an overwhelming response from them, is totally out of the world. What more can I say? Can only thank the organization for having given me a chance to rediscover a facet of my personality, I did not know, existed.

Special thanks to my partner Saroj, who has an engaging smile, an infectious laughter and a joke up her sleeve always! And that always puts everyone around her at ease. So the first time was definitely a worthwhile experience. This experience has definitely proved that, “Hard work and sincerity always pays”. And it is a live example of what my father keeps harping time and again,

“Do your job. Let the credits run after you!”

So true!



Anonymous Saroj said...

Such a heart warming read Narayani! Relived all the memories..it was indeed an enjoyable experience and thanks for all those lovely words! Don't forget, it's always two-to-tango!! ;) ;) Would have hardly been any fun alone up there! Cheers to the success! :)

November 7, 2013 at 10:29 AM  
Blogger Narayani Karthik said...

Thanks a ton dear :) And two to tango - absolutely! Cheers to the success :D

God bless...!!

November 7, 2013 at 6:32 PM  

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