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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

That urge! That impulse! Those uncontrollable thoughts!

It is not the first time I am writing about this, and neither would it be the last time. Yes, that urge to respond, that irrepressible impulse to prove the other person wrong, that dynamite of restlessness that develops over giving a befitting reply, all of it are a way too tempting to resist. And, then once done, it is like having entered a maze of discussions, where one thing leads to the other, and the essence of discussion is lost in the conundrum of spats, leaving behind a lot of bickering with heaving chests! Well, I have seen this happen in every discussion forum, right from ‘The buck stops here’ of NDTV to a small discussion forum on blogging platforms! 

And it is at these times, I remember my father’s lines,

“Speak. Express. Write. It is your right. It is your privilege. But don’t forget to think before you express. Take your time. Never vent out under extreme emotions. Keep them aside for a while and know the right words. Know the right time to express them too. You will never falter. And more importantly, you will be heard.”

I believe in these lines. Do you?



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