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Monday, March 3, 2014

My little Capt Jack Sparrow - Savvy!~ Joys of motherhood

1st March 2014:

Mother: Hey sweetheart! There you go, my munchkin! You get a choco pie if you tuck your pants into your socks!

Son: No! No please! Urrgghhhhh. (wailing at the top of his voice)

Mother: Wow! You would look stud in that outfit! Hey let me tie the bandana around your head.....and add some colorful beads to go with it!

Son: baaaaaabaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!(still frowning)

Mother: Ok! Let’s do some makeup.... (as she proceeded to make the moustache, a small beard with the kajal)

Son: aarrghh!! $#%^&$^&............... (some ‘sassing’/swearing in toddler language)

Mother: Ok! Just the smokey eyes and the hat please!

Son: Go away.......................................................!!!!! (Runs away himself)

So if you were wondering what the entire hullabaloo is all about, it was all over a fancy dress competition. The frustrated child is my son Arjun and the over enthusiastic mother here, is of course, me! Both of us were busy running (with me after him obviously) as I tried getting my lil Capt Jack Sparrow in the right attire. However, my son was not convinced as he sulked, squirmed and glared at the very outfit, probably considering the fact, that he is a born pirate and did not need a dress and dialogue to define himself! Phew! Fancy dress competitions are only fancy to hear!!

A week before:

A week before, when I was informed about the school’s annual day by the Kidzee group, I was watching the movie – Pirates of the Carribean : On Stranger Tides. And that precise moment when Capt Jack Sparrow was having that not-so-common conversation with Gibbs (a conversation when for once, Jack the pirate was talking in a tongue that camouflaged his real good self) about how the Fountain of Youth tests the person’s character, I caught my son looking at the charming pirate intently. My husband smiled; nodding his head sideways (I never understand my husband’s intense expressions as he is not a very readable personality!). My son looked at me with gleaming eyes. And then, I knew! I knew what my son had to become for his fancy dress competition. Yes! My son will be Capt Jack Sparrow. Aye!

Even as rehearsals had started, my chirpy bundle of love co-operated well. He was happy with the character he was to enact, and loved swirling his toy sword in style, occasionally yelling, ‘Aye!’ I was elated, of course. And as I was enthusiastically sharing my son's antics with my husband, he cut me short asking, "sweetheart! Have you shown him the outfit? I guess you are in for one big challenge!” Somehow, it is my second nature to brush off my dear husband’s occasional cautions which seemingly sounding trivial, later snowball into challenges worth facing. And, me being me, I casually remarked, “Common! I am his mom! I know him! He loves that character and he will do it!” My husband said nothing more than a Good luck and a busy man that he is, he got drowned in his cornucopia of his never ending tasks/assignments/whatsoever!! And as the day neared, so kept on the pace of my excitement. 

1st March 2014:

In the morning, my son was just too glad acting his character of his favorite pirate. And I thought, “How easy can this get?” The timing of the function was 4 PM. So, I thought it would be better to dress up my son at 3:30. And then, as the clock struck three, I called my son to have a look at his dress. He had worn it a couple of days back and I reassured myself, “Relax! This ain't going to be that difficult!”. And the moment that thought crossed my mind, began the chaotic noon with me looking like some poultry farmer trying to grab his chicken!! Well, in my case, it was a wild rooster knowing all the tactical defenses to be used against his tormentor which was me! After a lot of kicking, boxing and kickboxing followed by the not-so-appealing conversation at the beginning of this post, from his side, I finally got him to wear his white shirt tucked inside his blue jeans that were further docketed nicely within his socks. Then came, the hard part – the waist coat and a belt on it with a colorfully beaded thread hanging from his belt. The bribe I paid for getting that done was two perks straight from the refrigerator. And then, he wore his black shoes (he started hating them on that day particularly) and put on his hat. Bandana was a big no-no as he thought so! And then finally I got to do a lil makeup, giving a smoky look to his eyes and a mustache and a beard. Once done, all of us looked at him and were happy with what we saw. Well, not forgetting to mention, the pirate was not really happy as we expected him to be. But yes, our Sparrow was ready to rock the stage. He took his toy sword, fitted it well enough in his belt and then, we all proceeded towards the town hall where the function was to happen.

Kids can electrify a dull evening. I realized it on this day. And when I say electrify it means, the absolute bewilderment that gleams on the face of parents!

Oh My! Look at him, he is a lil Kejriwal fighting brashtachar!

Wow! Look at the warrior princess of Kerala! She sure has those gallant genes!

Well, who do we have next? A banana with some cool shades, a strawberry that looked every bit the fruit one would like to take a bite of, an angry bird that smiled, a tree fighting its survival and a lot more......And then came our pirate who raced towards the stage, as his father started with explaining to the audience about his perky and chirpy, cool and dramatic, funny and brave lil Capt Jack Sparrow. And then, we waited for the action to begin.


More Silence..............

Hat went flying in the air.........

Next was the sword which landed right next to the hat on stage..................

And then, more silence...........................................................................

After a while, our pirate took a walk around the stage as the soundtrack of the movie: Pirates of the Caribbean played for a minute and more. And absolutely no words, no swaying of sword and no action for minutes.....................................................................................................................................................

But then, what made me burst with pride is what followed. He refused to leave the stage and looked into the eyes of audience with a bold attitude. And in that passing moment I realized as a mother, no attire, no bandana, no sword, no makeup can buy you the attitude you need. It comes from within. And, my lil pirate had it in him! And not forgetting to mention, he taught me that by example! Yes, he has the attitude to face an audience; and needless to say, he has it a lot more to face the world.

As we got him off the stage after the music stopped, the show went on with many interesting performances by uber talented toddlers who would have put many gymnasts to shame. Yes, their stunts elated us, surprised us, made us laugh and most importantly, taught us parents that participation in an event is more rewarding than a reward itself! A very important lesson for all parents, especially mothers (like me and including me) who at a point got carried away in the zest to perform, which at some point of time did press the young powerhouses of talents in a not-so-desirable manner. Notwithstanding all that, the event was a success and it was real pleasure to see the toddlers perform sans any inhibition, sans any stage fright and sans any fear, which I feel is the most adorable and commendable quality about children.

And that said, when we reached home, my son took out his broken sword, swayed it in the air and spoke very slowly but faintly,
“Aye! I am Capt Jack Sparrow! Savvy?”

A face palm moment for me and my husband, but a proud moment at the same time!

P.S: I did not take any pics of my lil pirate, as he is averse to camera as much as I love to click him! Sigh!!



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