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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

B – Bharuch ~ A-Z Blogger Challenge 2014

There is always an emotion attached with any home town. The water, the air, the dust, the trees, the roads and even the heat of sweltering summers or the biting cold of nipping winters is something, the heart aches for. Such is the emotional pull of a hometown. And for me, it is Bharuch.

Located on the mouth of the holy river Narmada (who is also worshiped as Kodiyar Mata, The Goddess who rides on a crocodile), Bharuch has been an important trade center since time immemorial. Legends say that, Sage Bhrigu came to this place on a tortoise and ever since, the name of this place became Bhrigukachcha. In first century AD, it was also known as Barigaza. Known primarily as a ship building center in the early days of civilization, this place was a well traded route for Spices and Silk from Middle East even then. 

For me however, this city holds a special place in my heart not for its black soil that is apt for cotton cultivation or that it is a haven for many chemical conglomerates like Glen-mark, but for its humility. Despite its industrial success, Bharuch is still the same for me, in many aspects. The Sargam Peanuts shop (you get the best export quality peanuts here in all flavors), the old Hanuman Mandir at Kasak,  the Golden Bridge over the back waters of river Narmada, the GNFC township, the sweet shop Annakoot (known best for Kaju katli and khandvi), tourist attractions such as Kabir Vat and Shukla tirth, Dahej port and not forgetting to mention, my school - Queen of Angels' Convent located on National Highway 8, bring back such fond memories from my childhood. But most importantly, it is one classic example of communal harmony where brotherhood comes first, come what may.

People visiting my hometown must taste roasted peanuts, Chikkis (a sweet made of peanuts and jaggery), khandvi (a dish made from gram flour and yogurt) and ponk (green fragile sorghum grains that are available only here, and that too, only in winters). Also, the other must-not-miss is the Golden bridge that was built over the backwaters of Narmada, by British in 1877. It connects Bharuch and Ankaleshwar, which are often referred to as twin cities. The bridge has endured many natural disasters like earthquake and floods and still stands like a rock!

And, that is how my hometown is, prosperous yet humble!



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