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Friday, April 25, 2014

V - Victory ~ A-Z Blogger Challenge 2014

The word itself brings in a fresh whiff of power, the power of having conquered a feat. I was impulsed to write V for Victory after I witnessed a small yet significant incident involving my son. And you shall know, why I chose Victory!

I take my son to park in the evenings where he gets to explore a lot more than mere alphabet reading from the books or watching the animals rule the planet in TV. The park that I take him to, has a lot of interesting slides, swings and climbs, aptly made for children so that they can flex their muscles a little bit and swing and climb and run a lot. It also has some exotic birds that are a delight to watch and click. And talking about slides, there is one which is at a height of maybe 12 feet. In the initial days, when I would coax my son to climb, he would, till the slide seat and then get down the same way out of fear of heights. And I thought, “How can someone be afraid of sliding? It is so enjoyable.” And the scenario repeated every evening. And then, a couple of days before, my son saw a six year old boy slide effortlessly from the same slide. My son observed him intently. The next day, when I was busy conversing with a friend in the park, my son called out to me,

“Mummy! Mummy! Look here”

And I saw my son standing there on the slide seat ready to take the plunge! The expression of having conquered the fear of heights was truly priceless. His victory repeated over, as he tried all possible poses in sliding, like sitting, standing, sleighing and just name it!

My son is barely three. But that day, I too learnt something with him. Sometimes, victory is just a moment away. We just need to grab the right moment to conquer our fears to experience the feeling of victory!

And the below was precisely my son's expression - 



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