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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

U - Uniform ~ A-Z Blogger Challenge 2014

Uniform - The first thing that comes to mind is an outfit that represents a group, a cult or a clan. It brings people of anything but like minds together, to symbolize the term, equality. It is a code that demands a respect from the people who wear it. And the significance of this uniform ascends to a whole new level when a man wears it for his country, swearing to defend it with all his might, come what may. Yes, the uniform of a soldier is what brings with it, not just the code of conduct, but pride and honor.

And it is here, I would like to share the indigenous lines written by my husband for the NCC Sweatshirt theme during his college days,

“Tamers of tides
Players of storms
Masters of Charm
Yet lethal in any form
The men in Uniform!!”

~ Karthik Iyer 

For me, this code commands the deepest respect in me! Need say more??



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