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Monday, April 28, 2014

Y - Yin Yang ~ A-Z Blogger Challenge 2014

I came across this word the first time, when I was reading a food blog. It was used in context of foods that have warming and cooling properties with respective effects on the body. And then, after some more reading, the idea of yin-yang became clearer.

Yin Yang is an age old concept whose various references and learning are drawn from the Traditional Chinese Medicine. The oldest references date back to 700 BC with the first mention being in the Book of Changes. Since time immemorial, Yin Yang has been used in almost all walks of life, such as medicine, food, relationships and way of leading a life. Yin refers to the passive trait, often synonymous with feminine and Yang is the aggressive masculine one.Yin Yang basically refers to a pair of opposites that balance each other perfectly. Taking example of water, it has two forms, with Yin synonymous with steam and yang synonymous with ice. In foods, it relates to the warming and cooling effect of the foods on our system.  For instance, certain foods cause more heat in the body, which can be countered with foods that have cooling properties. And then, the concept fits aptly in every relationship. The right balance of these opposites help build a healthy relation between two people.

After some reading, I related this concept with almost everything around me. Nature gives endless instances that exemplify this beautiful concept. Changing seasons is one to name. Like, the spring sets in only after Winter bids good bye. There are no monsoons without the sweltering Summers. There is no autumn without the Spring. That is what Yin-Yang is all about! Striking the balance with the opposites and yet, coexisting peacefully.

The above image just sums it all!! 



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