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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

10 things I want to do in life ~ My bucket list

  1. I would want to go on a world tour and visit the finest farms on earth, eat freshly baked loaf with the best cheese and herbs and maybe, make some fresh hand picked mushroom pasta and some nice comforting pizza (Yeah, David Rocco, you charm me with that smile and Maeve 'O'Meara, I envy you when you close your eyes, take a whiff of that smoky aroma and moan as you slide a spoonful of baba ghanoush into your mouth!) 
  2. I want to meet Amitabh Bhachan at least once and shake hands with the big man. (I so love his voice and so does my son.)
  3. I want to hitchhike through out the country with hubby and son and visit some of the best highway diners and then write some reviews on them. (Rocky and Mayur, you are free to join us :P)
  4. I want to visit Leh with hubby and son and sit by the icy chilled waters amidst the backdrop of snowcapped mountains, mild sun rays and floating clouds.
  5. That said, it is my dream to go on an African Safari with family and see the wild creations of nature at their best. (all three of us are NatGeo Addicts)
  6. And the other places I would love to visit abroad would be, New Zealand, Australia and Greece.
  7. In distant future, I would love to own a small apartment in a quiet corner of a city, where large gulmohar trees camouflage my home and from where, I can hear the holy chants from some temple nearby.
  8. And in my apartment, I shall have my own library (my space), a place where I can de-clutter and learn.
  9. Some day, I would love to teach under privileged children and help them realize their potential.
  10. I hope to write a good book in future, a book that shall inspire people. 
That is all for now! Shall update the list as and when my wishlist increases.



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