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Sunday, November 23, 2014

My first stint as a teacher..... ~ From a nomad's diary

About four years back, had I been asked about a list of careers I would never step into, teaching would have topped the list. However, in retrospect, I am not sure if I was actually averse to teaching or, if my fears of facing a class were a mere manifestation of my thoughts gone wild. That said, there have been umpteen times when I had assumed (or to say, almost decided) that certain things were not just meant for me…and then, destiny would surprise me, when I least expected to be. Needless to say, some were pleasant and some made me a tougher person with the attitude, “Bring it on!, I say”. But, when I jumped in for a nursery teachers training within our establishment this year out of a sudden impulse (seriously, it was one impulsive moment though later I explained myself that I needed it), I noticed my husband’s unreadable expression that hid a streak of surprise element (very typical of him with his eyes staring into a blank space with raised brows whenever he is startled by my decisions). Of course, he was happy yet, was contemplating on my spontaneous decisions that spring out of nowhere. (He is still getting used to my unpredictable effervescent Sagittarian traits!) 

Now, going by my career graph, people might end up calling me weird! I am a software engineer who at one time, was busy 'performance testing' banking applications for banks like Llyods and Credit-Suisse. Then, I switched to content writing post marriage, purely out of choice. And, then I have been a home maker for a while now. Believe me folks, being a home maker is no child's play! (And then, whoever said child's play was easy?) Intermittently, I have conducted events here and there out of sheer interest. So, I have dabbled in unknown waters out of a thrill and somehow, have managed to stay afloat albeit the uncertainties every field posed. And then a week back, when the principal of my son’s school called me up and asked me if I could pitch in for a week as a substitute for a teacher on leave, I knew. A long lost opportunity had come knocking at my door. Surprisingly, I had applied for a job in the same school (again out of an whim) about an year back and for some reason, destiny had stalled my desire then. Now, I knew why. Things happen for a reason. And, things happen for a reason all the time!

Now it is here, I would like to mention how blissfully unaware I was about how unconditionally my heart brims with love at the sight of little children, until the time my son was born. And I felt that even more when I joined my son’s school as a substitute for a teacher who had gone on leave. I was in jitters on the first day for two reasons:
  • I had no prior experience with pre primary children as a teacher, let alone the primary or secondary ones.
  • The only child I have attempted to tutor is my son, who most of the times growls at the teacher in me..

However, on 13th November, when I entered my class of thirty odd children within 5 years of age, I surprised myself as I heard myself wishing them a very good morning, which was in turn was reciprocated with a harmonious and unanimous “Good Morning Teacher!!”. All my apprehensions disappeared the minute I found myself taking charge of the class. That was my AHA moment when I realized, I connected well with children. I connected deeply with them.

Maybe, I reveled when children come over and say, “Ma’am, you are beautiful!!”.

Maybe, I am inexorably elated to see them making tiny crafts of origami for me just to get that token of appreciation.

Maybe, I relish the naughtiness in them, when they incessantly drive me crazy with their, “May I drink water??”, or “May I go to toilet?” drones.

Maybe, I love to play the mother figure to all of them, apprehending them when they come over to me, complaining about each other.

Maybe, I adore those intense looks on their faces when they come over to me and offer a share from their lunch box during lunch hours.

Maybe, I just am reliving my childhood with them.

The one week I spent in my son’s school, my mind felt like a Duracell battery though physically I was drained. In class, I talked to them a lot and when home, I never ceased relishing my conversations with them over and over again. Sometimes, hubby had to remind me of the number of times I repeated any particular incident to him. But most importantly, I felt an unconditional love in them, when they took my instructions seriously. The reward was, when one of the parents came over and said, "Ma'am, my daughter has been talking about you all the time. And, she practices her work the way you have taught her, to the teeth!!" What more could I ask for?

Now, that we shall be soon moving to some new place, I am drowned in memories from this place. I shall miss this place and I shall miss my children too. And, as I had expressed a desire to teach under privileged children in my previous post, I hope I can do it someday. That said, I hope to have found my calling. So,



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