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Sunday, February 8, 2015

The fifth!! ~ From a Nomad's Diary

It just feels like yesterday when I saw this tall dark handsome guy leaning against his Splendor outside Hotel Ramakrishna, Pune. He was checking into his phone and momentarily, looked up. His aviators made it difficult for me to know whether he was actually looking at me or at anyone but me. He had worn a tiger striped sweatshirt and jeans. Although, I never knew whether I had fallen for him in that first fleeting glance but, in the days to follow, I knew for a fact that, that day was the game changer in my destiny!!

That was the day. 29th Feb'2008. 7 years have passed by, which includes five years of marital bliss with the man in aviators. A friendship that happened out of the blue, a relationship that culminated into marriage with the blessings of the Gods and a marriage that got two soul mates and their families together, has ever since made me an incurable optimist. Ironically before I met my husband, I was not even keen on getting married or settling down. And after all these years now, I know for a fact, that everything happens for a reason. 

And, I can never thank the Almighty enough to have given me a life partner who has stood by me through thick and thin and continues to support me in all ways possible.

The song for my beloved would always be the same!!

P.S: (How we both met will follow in the posts later)



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