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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Of conspiracies and designs. ~ From a Nomad's diary

“When you make a decision, the whole world conspires to make it happen."

One more way of looking at it is,

“When you make a decision, the whole world just conspires!!"

I am beginning to wonder at the depth of such statements. And let me tell you why. Some instances in life force you to question the intent, the pulse and everything around. Sometimes, nothing makes sense. Or, it might be making sense but you just don’t get it!

There are just too many ways to get lost in the intricately woven web of complexities by people, when life on the other hand could have been simpler sans all the drama. Hell, I could probably write a post like 10 ways to complicate life, which should not be difficult as I come across many who can teach the world about it. But then, that is entertainment of sorts. What bothers me however is the uncertainty about certain things, when answers are crucial. Honestly, I do not know how it would feel otherwise as I have majorly rode through uncertain phases in life. And right now, I need a change from this because, am not enjoying it. What feels worse, is to feel ‘puppet string’-ed by people in a position of power. who at the end of the day reward you with nothing but, uncertainty. I sometimes think, how can they sleep in peace, knowing for a fact that their decisions can alter a design of someone else's life. What is it after all, a conspiracy or a design?

Sometime back, I had a chat with my father about the many issues making rounds on our turf. I asked him casually if he had gone through times when a yes or a no could have changed many things for better or, for worse. As usual he took his time to reply and this is what he told me, “Countless!! There have been too many to remember. There were times when we needed a certainty and life gave us exactly the opposite. Maybe, those uncertainties were designed in a way to make me what I am today, self made and resilient. Believe me, it is nature’s design. Conspiracy is what your head has cooked for you. It may or, may not be true. But, designs of destiny is the one and only truth, you need to believe in. Just stop speculating on what you have no control. Everything will fall in place gradually. For now, try enjoying the chaos.”

For me, hearing my father speak is therapeutic. For a while, it feels good too. But, the present does have a way of clouding judgments about the manner in which events might unfold. That said, the mixed feelings about an uncertain period are not going away any soon.  All I can hope for is, something good will happen. Hope and Faith are all I am banking on.




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