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Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Help ~ From a Nomad's diary

The first two weeks in the new place, as I had mentioned in my previous posts was a blur for me. I had problems with the place because, I was practically doing everything in the house right from mopping the floors, washing utensils, washing clothes (Our washing machine was not unpacked then) to cleaning the bathrooms. By the way, did I miss out on cooking food and also dropping and picking up my son from school? And then, working in a harsh cold winter was not a joke. And when I say, it is not a joke, I also would like to point out, how thankless we are, or have become towards the people to whom we often outsource these tasks. 

Thankfully after a couple of weeks, I managed to get a maid here, who cleans the house now. Also, my washing machine got unpacked last week and hence, half of my woes have gone away! And now, I also get to spend a lot of time with my son, of which most of it is spent screeching a the top of my voice, "Arjun, eat your food! Arjun, finish your homework! Arjun, drink a lot of water" and so on and so forth!! I have also started loving the new place and my son has finally adjusted to the environment. He has got a new cycle now and I take him out almost every evening. Maybe, I am appreciating life better than before, because I have a supportive spouse, whose judgments and timely advice howsoever strong have always been right. And then, my loving son makes me feel complete despite the small inconveniences that suddenly seem even more trivial.

Last but not the least, I have great respect for the help now, considering their work is not easy to say the least. When I had complained a lot about my troubles, hubby used to listen patiently and then help me around with the tasks (the ones he could help with). A few days back he mentioned over tea, “Sweetheart, when you do things yourself, you will be able to manage things beautifully even in the most hostile environment. Dependency is a disease and make sure it never comes your way!!

And then he winked, “When you do things yourself, you can get things done very tactfully without bending rules or codes”

The bottom line is, managing your work, your home and your world can be difficult, crazy, insane and can push you to the wall. Sometimes, you can get the urge to run away too. But then, managing your world is definitely NOT Impossible. After all, who ever said growing up or raising kids was easy??

And, I am NOT complaining!! 

By the way, here is a quote I would love to share - 



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